Yoku's Island Express for PlayStation 4

Yoku's Island Express

May 29, 2018
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Developer: Villa Gorilla
Content Rating: Everyone10+


An original mixture of a platformer and a metroidvania game, developed by Villa Gorilla - a small Swedish studio. The game is set on Mokunama - an island where the player meets the protagonist - a sympathetic beetle. Working as a postman, he stumbles on traces of a serious affair, the victim of which, is a divine ancient being that had been taking care about the land. The insect's goal is to find a way to wake up the sleeping guardian in order to bring peace and order back to the island. What distinguishes Yoku's Island Express from other games of this kind, is that the developer borrowed elements of pinball. The beetle rolls a ball in front of himself - thanks to that ball, he can bounce off flippers installed in the environment in order to reach places difficult to access. The game is played from a side view and the core of the experience is made up of platforming elements, such as exploring, avoiding traps, eliminating the adversaries or collecting valuable items.

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Vincent Rpl

Vincent Rpl

Jul 24, 2020

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Richard WalkerMay 29, 2018
A cool hybrid of platforming, puzzling and pinball, Yoku's Island Express is a bit of a one-off, and therefore well worth seeking out.
Chandler WoodMay 29, 2018
Yoku’s Island Express is the open-world pinball adventure you never knew you wanted, but that you desperately need to play. The vibrant art, expansive world, and fun story come together with the best elements of metroidvania and pinball games to create a new experience unlike anything else out there.
Tom MarksMay 29, 2018
Yoku’s Island Express is a novel Metroidvania-pinball hybrid that stands out as something wholly unique. It blends those clashing genres with a beautiful island style, and its satisfying flippers and bumpers make uncovering its wide island a ton of fun. Retreading completed areas while hunting for secrets can occasionally get stale, but Yoku’s Island Express has a refreshingly positive attitude that kept me smiling the whole way through.

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