Xeodrifter for PlayStation 4


Sep 1, 2015
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Developer: Renegade Kid
Content Rating: Everyone


Xeodrifter is the story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a simple mission of exploration. Blast your way through alien landscapes, seek out valuable secrets, and defeat ancient guardians to unlock powers from a legendary supreme culture in this exciting journey of mystery and adventure.

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Sophie HallidaySep 02, 2015
So long as the player expects nothing more from Xeodrifter than what it is very upfront about providing in terms of content, retro-aesthetic and gameplay, then it will be hard to feel disappointed after playing this game. It’s not perfect, but there is a sincerity here that is likely to charm even the most sceptical of gamers.
Jeremy PeeplesAug 27, 2015
Xeodrifter condenses the core gameplay of Metroid into an experience that blends action and strategy without much filler and that doesn’t waste a moment of the player’s time in the process. The controls are smooth, while the animation and sound design fits the NES-to-SNES era that Renegade Kid loves to a tee. Anyone who enjoys Metroidvania gameplay will enjoy this; even if its repetitious boss battles stand out as a glaring weakness, the core game is a blast to play and surprisingly diverse as well.
Anthony GomezAug 27, 2015
I’m of two minds when it comes to Xeodrifter. It’s an homage to a game that I absolutely love, and Renegade Kid did some truly commendable things here. On the other hand, I didn’t get much excitement from exploring its worlds. It’s a game that will only appeal to the gamers that grew up with the games that inspired it, and even then, it might leave you wanting more. If the game was more budget priced at $5.99 then absolutely; buy it and finish it in a couple hours. But with the $10.99 price tag it feels a little thin.

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