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Richard SeagraveMar 26, 2019
Had Xenon Racer been a game released at a budget price, many of its issues could have maybe been overlooked, but anyone playing full price for it is likely to be disappointed by its offerings. Ultimately, while Xenon Racer‘s initially frustrating difficulty barrier can be overcome, its blurry visuals, brief campaign and awful announcer take the shine off of the whole experience.
Joseph Doyle Sep 19, 2019
Xenon Racer is made for those who have laser focus and dedication to nailing every detail. The sleek design and flow of the game are constantly disrupted by either the constant destruction of your own car or the jerky stop-and-go you must embrace to make tight turns, which are a necessity. It's certainly playable, but it's vexing and not recommended for the casual player. While the visuals shine in some respects, as a whole, they don't muster much more than a passing glance and a shrug. The game plays with ideas from the racing genre, but nothing quite sticks to make it a memorable experience.
Sam SpillerApr 04, 2019
Xenon Racer harks back to the simpler days of arcade racing. It includes all one might need and expect from a game of its genre. Buts it starts to choke thanks to a compromised handling of the vehicle. The races are unappealing, despite you being in a drop-dead set of wheels.
Leo FariaMar 25, 2019
Xenon Racer has some good intentions and neat ideas, but it feels too much like a rushed and unfinished product. Its controls are stiff, its drifting mechanics are hard to learn, its sound design is glitchy, and its framerate is far from ideal for a futuristic racing game promoting the sensation of neck-breaking speeds. The game might look unique, but there are much better options out there if you’re looking for a futuristic racer.
Dominic LeightonMar 28, 2019
There's a ton of potential in Xenon Racer, but while it looks and sounds the part, its difficulty level and overly weighty handling keep it firmly stuck in the slow lane.
Sam BrookeApr 01, 2019
Xenon Racer isn't a terrible racing game, but in order to enjoy it you need to overlook the game's atrocious handling, horrible difficulty spikes, and general mediocrity. Not having big ambitions is fine for a game as long as it's fun, but developer 3D Clouds is wide of the mark on both counts.
Alan StrawbridgeMay 01, 2019
An old skool arcade racer wearing a brand new pair of breeches - get past the tough learning curve and get into the zone and you'll be a happy futuristic drifter.
A.J. MaciejewskiMar 25, 2019
Speaking of which, many of the races take far too long which sucks a lot of fun out of the equation as you'll either be ahead of the pack and just go through the motions for 5 minutes until you win or you'll be so far behind that you'll have no hope in catching up. There's rarely a middle ground where you find yourself in a heated match with your opponents which is something that Ridge Racer perfected decades ago so there's no excuse.
Sergio MartínMar 27, 2019
Los amantes de los juegos de velocidad futurista pueden degustar un nuevo título perteneciente a dicho (y algo maltratado últimamente) subgénero. Xenon Racer es un juego que no es el mejor representante de su categoría debido principalmente a su desajustada y descompensada IA, que reduce bastante la diversión que arrojan sus diversos modos de juego offline.
Elias SampayoMar 31, 2019
Los amantes de los juegos de coches y de la velocidad a¡están de suerte, porque Xenon Racer acaba de llegar al mercado y fusiona ambas ideas. Además de estar ambientado en un mundo futurista, con una gran cantidad de coches para hacernos con el campeonato. Estamos ante un juego vistoso a nivel visual, pero que carece de una IA que nos ponga las cosas difíciles. Desajustada y descompensada que reduce bastante la diversión en la multitud de horas que le podemos echar jugando.
Javi OriaApr 08, 2019
Xenon Racer es un juego directo, veloz, requiere reflejos y un control preciso sobre su propuesta simple y sencilla, pero no tan fácil de dominar. Por eso mismo es exigente con el jugador, ofreciendo una curva de dificultad bastante elevada especialmente en sus inicios y para jugadores menos hábiles en este tipo de juegos, del mismo modo que conlleva un reto bastante entretenido para los aficionados a juegos de velocidad arcade de este corte, totalmente alejados de cualquier realismo imaginable.
Matteo BussaniMar 25, 2019
Se l’Arcade Racing di vecchio stampo è stato offuscato da open-world e simulazione, predominanti nell’attuale generazione, fa immenso piacere trovare un’azienda italiana rievocare proprio quelle atmosfere. Tra futuro e passato trova dunque posto il titolo di 3dClouds, Xenon Racer, che porta in dote elementi produttivi tipici di publisher ben più blasonati, assieme a un driving system solido e tecnico.