WWE 2K20 for PlayStation 4

WWE 2K20

Oct 22, 2019 NEW

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Developer: Visual Concepts
Content Rating: Teen


2K invites players to Step Inside the ring with WWE 2K20. Your favorite WWE Superstars, Legends, Hall of Famers and NXT’s best will join the festivities and celebrate the rebirth of the WWE 2K franchise!

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Ben WilsonOct 24, 2019
Simultaneously playable and terrible, if Schrödinger made a wrestling game, this would be it. Beneath the mess, behind the glitches, there’s a great sim desperately scrapping to get out. Patches may yet turn WWE 2K20 into a fully-formed, functioning whole. But can I recommend it in its current state? Like Kassius, it’s a big noisy Ohno. WWE 2K20 plays like a work-in-progress demo that’s yet to be stress-tested - but there’s a decent game somewhere under the hot mess.
Darryn BonthuysNov 05, 2019
For a time, it looked 2K had finally found their groove with the release of WWE 2K19. WWE 2K20 takes all that goodwill and pisses it away, constructing the shoddiest backyard ring possible and filling it with a broken product, busted progression systems and an overall presentation that makes WWE 2K20 the worst there was, the worst there is and the worst that ever will be.
Lucas WhiteOct 23, 2019
WWE 2K20 has a lot of good ideas propping it up. Unfortunately, the game is propped up on top of an uncharacteristically weak foundation. WWE 2K20 is an ugly video game, with gross-looking noodle hair, weird character faces, and PS2-looking NPCs. Add to that a lengthy MyCareer story fueled by corny and sloppy writing, and you get a game only the dedicated parts of the fanbase will love. At its core, there is still a great deal of fun in playing WWE2K20, but the technical issues, poor visuals, and bad writing make this year an easy one to skip, especially if you're still playing through WWE 2K19.

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