World War Z for PlayStation 4

World War Z

Apr 16, 2019
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Critic Reviews

26 Reviews
Brad LangApr 23, 2019
World War Z is an incredibly fun cooperative zombie shoot-em-up that juggles spectacle and strategy in way that is both satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable
Michael KoczwaraApr 24, 2019
The best way to experience World War Z is to fire up your microphone and find yourself a four-person crew to play through its brief but fun campaign. It’s rare to see it go beyond the roots of its very clear inspiration, and there’s not a whole lot of variety when it comes to the missions, the special zombies, or the weapons, but what is there works and is enough to fill the Left 4 Dead-shaped hole in all our hearts, for a little while at least.
Joseph YadenApr 22, 2019
If you want something you don’t have to think too deeply about or are into competitive multiplayer with friends, then World War Z could be for you. But if you’re expecting an in-depth narrative and a campaign that requires strategy and coordination, then perhaps you should stay away.
Kyle SledgeApr 24, 2019
All things considered, aside from the glaring technical issues and the almost blatant copy-paste job of the formula from the Left 4 Dead series, World War Z should offer a satisfactory experience for anyone wanting to kill some time and some zombies in the process. Of course, there are a wealth of far better games out there which one could spend their hard-earned money on, but $40 isn't too steep of an asking price for what WWZ's third-person shooter action has to offer.
Nathan BirchApr 19, 2019
World War Z is a surprisingly fresh take on the well-trodden Left 4 Dead formula. While a bit rough around the edges and nowhere near as groundbreaking as Valve’s series, World War Z is a confident co-op shooter that turns the intensity to 11 without being overwhelming or obnoxious. If you think you’ve got the stamina, this war is worth enlisting for.
Liam CroftApr 18, 2019
World War Z has all the makings of a good co-operative experience thanks to its comprehensive class and weapon variety, but its objective-based gameplay can’t quite live up to the same standard. You’re sure to find enjoyment in fending off swarms of the undead and the multiplayer is a real highlight, but it's unlikely to pull you away from better multiplayer titles for long.
GameCentralApr 24, 2019
A curate’s egg of zombie clichés and surprisingly solid multiplayer, with the movie’s undead hordes replicated in impressive fashion.
Nicole HallApr 26, 2019
It’s safe to say that World War Z doesn’t shy away from its undeniable likeness to Valve’s 10 year old masterpiece. In borrowing many of that game's ideas, from its AI engine to the uncannily similar special zombies, it's actually become a spiritual successor that can scratch that Left 4 Dead itch. World War Z might lack in originality, but this isn’t enough to deter from the brainless, fast-paced, cooperative shooter action that you can effortlessly sink hours into and unknowingly get a real soft spot for.
Drew HurleyMay 03, 2019
At first glance, there was little promise here. A movie tie-in to a pretty bad movie, so long after it, and clearly taking more than inspiration from another existing popular franchise? Yet, what at first seems like just another shallow Left 4 Dead clone reveals itself to be so much more, it feels more a true successor to its inspiration, definitely one to pick up for groups of friends looking for a new game to enjoy together, even more so for the Left 4 Dead fans out there. If the stability issues can be resolved, this is going to superb and needs to be on more people's radar.
Marcello PerriconeApr 22, 2019
World War Z is a surprisingly good game for a licensed title (can we even call it tie-in 6 years after the movie came out?). It is a squarely A product, being far above indie capabilities but lacking the polish and breadth of content to classify as AAA.
Brendan FryeApr 29, 2019
World War Z has a great gameplay hook, but it unfortunately lacks the variety needed to keep it engaging past the first few hours.
Garri BagdasarovApr 24, 2019
World War Z is a blast to play featuring some great action and some intense encounters that should be experienced by anyone looking for a great co-op game.
Ben AllanMay 17, 2019
World War Z is probably actually up there as film tie-in games go, and is capable of offering some nifty zombie action that can get your pulse racing. But once you've seen its tricks, it all gets a bit samey fast - faster because we've seen something very similar before - and it's hard to imagine it having much of a shelf life
Manuel PérezApr 18, 2019
World War Z es un juego repleto de hordas de zombis por doquier, una sensación de agobio magnífica y una gran experiencia para probar con amigos, que sin duda harán las delicias de los amantes del género. En cambio, sus puntos negativos son muy grandes, un mejorable gunplay, su poca variedad y su corta duración pesan mucho sobre el título.
Alfonso ArribasApr 19, 2019
Interesante shooter en tercera persona para aquellos que busquen disfrutar matando zombis en cooperativo online con hasta 4 jugadores, aunque las fases son repetitivas, la narrativa queda en segundo plano y el multijugador competitivo es dem
Sergi González BuenoApr 24, 2019
El título gana enteros cuando se juega en compañía de amigos, que es su gran virtud. Intentar disfrutar este juego en una experiencia en solitario carece de todo interés. No pasará a la historia como un referente en su propuesta, pero dará horas de diversión a todo aquel que busque acción online con zombies. Si lo que busca el usuario es una experiencia competitiva PvP, WWZ no es su juego.
Sascha PenzhornApr 23, 2019
Kompetenter Koop-Shooter mit überwältigenden Gegnermassen, der sonst kaum große Alleinstellungsmerkmale hat.
Michael KrostaMay 08, 2019
World War Z zeigt mir vor allem eines: Wie gut Left 4 Dead vor mehr als zehn Jahren war - und immer noch ist! Denn obwohl sich Saber Interactive teilweise sogar recht frech am Vorbild bedient, schafft man es trotz imposanter Zombie-Massen, eingestreuter Befestigungs-Sequenzen und spezieller Mutationen zu keinem Zeitpunkt, auch nur ansatzweise die Spannung und das fesselnde Spielgefühl von Left 4 Dead zu erreichen. Dafür wirkt das Leveldesign der recht kurzen Episoden im Vergleich zu uninspiriert, die Platzierung der Spezial-Gegner zu beliebig und die Handhabung der Waffen zu unbefriedigend.
Damien GreffetApr 23, 2019
En effet, quelques chapitres de plus ne seraient pas de refus afin de renouveler l'intérêt du titre, et de fournir plus de diversité dans les environnements que l'on arpente. Si vous êtes amateur du genre et que vous pouvez fermer les yeux sur les défauts du titre : foncez, sinon on vous recommande d'attendre des soldes et un contenu plus étoffé avant de craquer.
dafransApr 19, 2019
Avec quelques efforts supplémentaires sur l’intelligence artificielle et surtout, les objectifs de son mode campagne, le titre aurait pu créer davantage d’enjeux et renforcer l’aspect anxiogène si important dans ce genre de titres. C’est donc une expérience un brin décevante, mais qui vous ferra néanmoins passer quelques bons moments avec vos amis, en campagne ou sur les différents modes multijoueurs.
Pedro FerreiraMay 07, 2019
Apesar da boa impressão, com o passar das horas percebemos que World War Z não quis marcar uma posição no mercado ou afirmar-se no género. Os elementos RPG, como a evolução das classes e armas, esbarram nos escassos modos de jogo e mapas que nos oferecem, revelando uma falta de ambição tremenda. No entanto, é divertido e acaba por proporcionar um bom desafio cooperativo graças ao vários níveis de dificuldade, ou no elemento PvE do multijogador.
Tommaso PuglieseApr 22, 2019
World War Z è uno sparatutto cooperativo a base di zombie che riprende in maniera efficace le scene più spettacolari del film e ci catapulta in quattro differenti scenari, nei panni di sopravvissuti armati fino ai denti e determinati a fuggire dall'invasione di non-morti che sta devastando le più grandi città del mondo.
Davide AmbrosianiApr 23, 2019
World War Z può essere visto come un interessante svago fra amici desiderosi di scaricare piombo su masse di nonmorti. La formula però non offre nulla di quanto non si sia già visto in Left 4 Dead, mancando inoltre di personalità. A quel punto è meglio forse un'operazione nostalgia.
Erica MuraApr 23, 2019
Nonostante sia lontano dall’essere ben rifinito e alcuni bug rendano la progressione nel gameplay decisamente faticosa, questo nuovo lavoro di Saber Interactive riesce a reggersi sulle proprie gambe e a regalare qualche ora di divertimento senza troppe pretese agli amanti del PvP e a quelli del puro PvE.
Remco HayesApr 25, 2019
Als je door de connectie-problemen kunt kijken en goed de klasse op elkaar hebt afgestemd heb je voor 40 euro een redelijk leuke titel. Het is alleen wachten op DLC die de ervaring nog rijker kunnen maken, want het basispakket zoals die nu in de winkels te vinden is, voelt net wat te karig aan. Een paar extra levels hadden zeker niet misstaan. Desondanks is deze zombie-titel een leuk tussendoortje voor alle co-op fanaten die wel zin hebben in wat hak- en schietwerk.World War Z is verkrijgbaar op de PlayStation 4, Xbox One en PC.
uniApr 30, 2019
World War Z celkom milo prekvapil. Ponúka vydarenú kooperáciu, ktorá síce nemá až také grády ako Left 4 Dead, ale rozhodne je zábavná. A multiplayer poskytuje priestor aj vzájomným potýčkam hráčov, síce s viac-menej tradičnými režimami, ale spestrenými zásahmi zombíkov. PvP zážitok však degraduje naozaj zlý matchmaking, ktorý vôbec nezohľadňuje levely hráčov ovplyvnené perkmi. Takže ak to chcete ťahať spolu, je zábava zaručená, ak ale chcete poľovať na iných hráčov, musíte zatnúť zuby a tolerovať určité nedostatky a neférové boje. Ani tam však nehrozí nuda.


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