Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap for PlayStation 4

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Apr 18, 2017
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Developer: Lizardcube
Content Rating: Everyone


Boasting beautiful, hand-drawn animations and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, the cult classic returns with a unique blend of exploration, action, and adventure!

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Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Jan 17, 2022

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William MurphyApr 18, 2017
With gorgeously rendered animated visuals, an instrumental recreation of the 8-bit soundtrack, and some truly compelling Metroidvania mechanics, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is just as good a game today as it was decades ago. While I would have loved to see some sort of “forward” progress made in terms of controls or combat, that wasn’t the goal here – Lizardcube wanted to be faithful to the original.
Stephan AdamusApr 18, 2017
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a game for Metroidvania fans. If you’re the kind of fan who wants genre innovation, and modern mechanics, you might want to steer clear. If you’re the kind of fan who still plugs in their Nintendo and likes to see what the origins of modern games look like, then pick this up. And if you’re a fan of the original, then you’ll find this remaster to be everything you could want: beautiful and smooth.
Kai PowellApr 19, 2017
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap raises the bar for remasters far above and beyond slapping on a few filters and calling it a day. Given how much I loved Lizardcube’s attention to detail and passion behind this SEGA classic, I would almost beg to see the team tackle my favorite game in the series. If Lizardcube and Dotemu can put the same passion into Wonder Boy V: Monster World III, I could see myself falling in love all over again.

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