WARRIORS ALL-STARS for PlayStation 4


Sep 26, 2017
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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


A battle of heroes where everyone is the lead! The very first all-stars title for Koei Tecmo! For the first time in Warriors series, flashy action combines both the traits of the original series and new exiting elements such as “Musou Rush”, open scenarios and multiple endings! Enjoy the epic story of collaboration of heroes that brakes the borders of diverse range of worlds!

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Richard SeagraveSep 01, 2017
Warriors All-Stars has quickly become my favourite Warriors game of recent times. The great cast, the huge amount of content and the smattering of unique game mechanics all combine to make a game that’s fun despite its repetitive nature. It’s yet again a ridiculous power fantasy, but this time with more colour, wit and humour. That makes it a winner in my book, despite its couple of missteps.
Jason FanelliSep 14, 2017
Warriors All-Stars won’t bring the Musou games to a new stage of prominence, but carving up swarms of enemies with a catalog of famous Koei Tecmo fighters has its fun moments. Controlling multiple fighters at once is particularly neat, as I can really cause some havoc when it’s not just one character on-screen.
William GallonSep 01, 2017
Warriors All-Stars adds a few fun new additions to the series, but ultimately falls short at making itself stand out for any reason other than the cast. It allows many of Koei Tecmo’s stars from multiple games to meet up and cause massive amounts of mayhem in the name of good, but adds no interesting mechanics or hooks outside of continuing to provide a great Musou experience.

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