VR Invaders - Complete Edition for PlayStation 4

VR Invaders - Complete Edition

Apr 18, 2017
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Developer: MY.COM
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Dive into a story-driven sci-fi shooter, that pushes your PSVR hardware to its limits. You play the hacker Thomas Hall, tasked with fighting legions of enemy drones, in order to save other VR users that get attacked by deadly viruses in virtual reality. Blow your enemies to pieces in frenzied shooter action - Slow down time, evade attacks or block shots with your shield. Gather power-ups to arm yourself with dual blasters or transform your weapons into even more powerful modes, such as a laser or a plasma gun. Fight your way through different environments, from claustrophobic and dark to wide open and bright. Leave a trail of destruction as you progress through the game and turn each of the highly detailed levels into a virtual scrapyard.

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Jamie FelthamApr 21, 2017
VR Invaders is a rock solid example of the wave shooter genre that is flooding the industry right now. It’s not original or even particularly memorable, but its mechanics are refined and its gameplay is entirely reliable (it gets extra points for a competent PlayStation VR port, too). It’s soon forgotten but appreciated while it’s there.
Chandler WoodMay 04, 2017
A game doesn’t always need to be flashy in order to be great. It doesn’t need the backing of a major license. Sometimes it just needs to do what it sets out to do very well to stand out above the rest. VR Invaders is a superbly crafted bullet hell VR game that is highlighted not by an ostentatious setting, but rather excellent game design. It’s just a shame that excellent game design in VR more often than not means the experience ends far too early, lacking a good balance between mechanics and content.
Samuel GuglielmoJun 28, 2017
We’re at a point where full first person shooters are making their way to VR, and the whole “stand in one spot and shoot waves” thing only works if the game has some unique gimmick for it. VR Invaders does not. Everything in VR Invaders works, but there’s so many more interesting takes both on this genre and on similar ones. There’s no reason to waste your time on a totally average entry unless you’ve honestly exhausted everything else.

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