VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

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Jimmy DonnellanMay 06, 2019
While it’s not the most immediate of games and probably won’t appeal to those who want constant stimulation and action, VA-11 HALL-A has a tonne of heart that cannot be denied and a lot more depth than you may initially realise, all backed by razor-sharp writing (which also isn’t afraid of pushing taboos) and lovely visuals. Pour yourself a cold one and allow yourself to be surprised by this gem.
Tyler TreeseMay 01, 2019
VA-11 Hall-A is remarkably human in its nature. It goes to show that no matter how much changes in society, we’ll always be grappling with many of the same problems. Struggling with aspects of freedom, reality, and what it means to truly move on from the events that appear to define your life. It’s a fantastic story of self-growth in a futuristic setting that is just as interesting as its characters. It’s this careful world building and relatable writing that makes Sukeban Games’ gem a must play on consoles.
Graham BanasMay 03, 2019
A charming visual novel about tending a cyberpunk bar, VA-11 HALL-A is a genuinely fantastic title. A focused, neon-drenched art direction, paired with incredible music and razor-sharp writing, the game is great if you’re new to, or curious about, visual novels. The writing’s deft handling of darker or more taboo subjects makes for a compelling title with a varied cast of characters that each bring something unique.
Sam BishopMay 15, 2019
When all's said and done Valhalla left us really satisfied after we put it down, and it offers something unique in the visual novel space. It's not really about bartending in the strictest sense of the word, as the serving of drinks is more of a side order to the main course which is the conversational nature of your role, talking to all of the characters who you help and who help you. It's a great story that's perfect for the Switch, and now all that's left to do is wait for the sequel N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action to roll around.
Timothy NunesMay 01, 2019
Va-11 Hall-A is one of those games that comes out of nowhere and blindsides you with what it has to say. It beats the hearts and minds of the creators in special ways all while delivering a wonderful stylized world through its unique list of characters. Despite its few shortcomings and hefty reading, Va-11 Hall-A offers up something all its own rarely found in this industry.
Benjamin SchmädigMay 20, 2019
Das ist es eben, was VA-11 HALL-A so gut hinbekommt: Die Verbindung des Szenarios mit dem Spielerlebnis ist erstaunlich überzeugend. Man lehnt sich zurück und folgt den spannenden Unterhaltungen, erfährt dabei interessante Geschichten mit ebenso schrägen wie liebenswerten Charakteren und stellt Getränke bereit, um die Zungen in Schwung zu halten. Es ist spannend zu sehen, mit welcher Dynamik Gäste kommen und gehen sowie untereinander interagieren.