Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PlayStation 4

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Oct 13, 2016
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Content Rating: Mature


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is an all-new game being created exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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Marcus EstradaOct 18, 2016
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood succeeds despite itself. The on-rails shooter genre is rarely all that frightening, yet somehow Supermassive Games put together a ride which is fun, scary, silly, and an enjoyable romp on PSVR. Some have had slight technical issues while playing, but fortunately they can be mitigated by switching from Move to DualShock. No matter how you play, the core gameplay still works well even if it’s incredibly simplistic.
David JagneauxOct 05, 2016
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood delivers on the promise of pulse-pounding scares and has enough context to feel like an adequate follow-up to the excellent previous game. It may not resemble the franchise’s core values at first glance, but what you’ll find beneath the surface is a game that swaps the sophisticated character development of its predecessor for a sophisticated interpretation of horror genre tropes.
Chris CarterOct 05, 2016
If I had just seen Until Dawn: Rush of Blood sitting on a retail shelf, I would have skipped it. It sounds like a cash-in of the highest caliber, but the folks over at Supermassive managed to balance their IP and show restraint in a way that very few developers are capable of.

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