Unravel Two for PS4

Unravel Two (PS4)

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When you cut ties to the past, new bonds form. In Unravel Two, create a Yarny of your very own. Then build relationships with other Yarnys in local co-op or as a single player, fostering friendship and support as you journey together. Begin your adventure in a cold and imposing land, then watch your surroundings blossom with new life as you chase the spark of adventure. Dive into an immersive story filled with energy, exuberance, inspiration – even monsters. Approach every challenge with positivity and fearlessness to awaken the world around you, and discover an unbreakable bond between friends.

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Attack of the Fanboy


Unravel isn’t a game that necessarily needed a second game in the franchise to solidify its legacy. The new ideas found in Unravel Two could have very well been a brand new franchise in itself as the inclusion of cooperative gameplay and challenge levels seems to have led to a lack of charm in this follow-up.

William Schwartz Jun 11, 2018

PS Lifestyle


If you can set aside the odd storytelling decisions and the occasional platforming quirk, Yarny’s newest quest is one you won’t want to miss.

Blake Grundman Jun 13, 2018



It's a game with boisterous birds, chases through meadows, and most importantly a cheerful partnership with a companion who's always got your back. With only six chapters that run roughly 30 minutes apiece, Unravel Two doesn't last long, but it's a game where the time you have is meaningful, memorable, and downright pleasant from beginning to end.

Justin Clark Jun 19, 2018

Game Skinny


Although I enjoyed Unravel Two, I found certain climbing sections awkward, lacking animation in comparison to the rest of the game. The tutorial also felt like a drag and the story wasn't overly engaging. However, even without dialogue, I enjoyed the cute interactions between Yarnys, the relaxing atmosphere accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, and coming up with solutions to the various conundrums in a magical world.

Edgar Wulf Jun 26, 2018



While its core story might not have the emotional punch of the original, Unravel Two improves upon the original in every other respect. The platforming is more responsive and demanding, while the puzzles are far more inventive and satisfying to solve, which is largely due to the excellent implementation of a second character and co-op. It still works as a solo adventure, but is far more enjoyable if played with a partner.

Daniel Krupa Jun 12, 2018

Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe Jun 25, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


Unravel Two is a quick journey, but one that does its predecessor justice. Coldwood have not just avoided the types of hazards associated with co-op, but also used them to great advantage in order to expand upon their gameplay in the ways that the best sequels do. The puzzles are a blast, the graphics and environments are jaw-dropping, and little bonuses such as the challenge levels provide a good incentive to keep coming back for a while. It may not hit the same emotional heights as before, but the latest outing for our stringy heroes is one that cements them as the stars of a classic franchise in the indie gaming scene, so don’t miss it.

Kyle LeClair Jun 29, 2018

Dual Shockers


Unravel Two is a standup performance by developer Coldwood Interactive, improving on the original in nearly every way. Whether you have a friend to play with or not, Unravel Two is one of the finest puzzle platformers and couch co-op games in 2018. Though not everything is quite as manageable in single-player as in the main campaign and the narrative is lacking, my five hours with Yarny still had the same wonder as the original title — just with much better mechanics.

Lou Contaldi Jul 22, 2018

Gaming Bolt


The puzzles are often satisfying to figure out and pitch perfect when it comes to difficultly, the musical score is outstanding, and the overall presentation continues to make Yarny stand out in a very old and crowded genre. Faltering only in small ways on occasion, the second outing into Yarny’s world is still absolutely worth having, and if you want to get the most out of it, share the experience and bring along a good friend.

John Cantees Jun 22, 2018



Unravel Two looks to expand and improve upon the critical success of its predecessor. Charming and beautiful, Unravel Two does have some bright spots. However, those spots are few and far between thanks to some clunky platforming and dull puzzles throughout.

Joseph Bradford Jul 27, 2018



I don’t regret having played this, but I do wish it was better. I love playing co-op games and I was excited by the idea of this minimalist platformer giving me an experience to bond over. Sadly, we both were pretty much in agreement on the final outcome. Unravel Two just doesn’t quite have what it takes to be special.

Peter Glagowski Jun 13, 2018



Unravel Two has quickly become one of my favourite titles of 2018 so far. When it’s not challenging your reflexes it’s challenging your brain. And when it’s doing neither of those, it’s tugging on your heart. It’s a game that’s masterfully created, building on the gameplay offered in its predecessor but making it more punchy and enjoyable.

Richard Seagrave Jun 13, 2018

Game Reactor


As a sequel, it struggles, but as a co-op game, it shines. We've had a lot of fun playing it, and we're going to keep playing now that this review is done. There are still collectables we haven't found, bonus goals we haven't met, and challenge levels we haven't completed. The adventure is far from over!

Suzanne Berget Jun 19, 2018



Unravel Two is everything a sequel should be. It stays true to the original but adds co-op which allows you to play and experiment together as you find your path through the beautiful environments. Unravel was already a very enjoyable game, but with co-op feeling as natural in this game as it does, Unravel Two is a delightful playground for fans of puzzle platformers.

Jake Durasamy Jun 13, 2018

Hobby Consolas


Unravel Two sigue siendo un bello híbrido entre plataformas y juego de puzles, que ahora se puede disfrutar en compañía, pero que deja la sensación de ser demasiado continuista, que no arriesga y que apenas aporta novedades de peso. Incluso gráficamente resulta demasiado parecido a su antecesor, con unos entornos resultan demasiado parecidos.

Alberto Lloret Jun 15, 2018



Unravel (2016) era un juego visualmente precioso, cuyas mecánicas de juego poco pulidas le agregaban secuencias frustrantes y le restaban varios puntos. Yarny está de vuelta y, en esta ocasión, sus creadores se han encargado no solo de mejorar sus movimientos y la física del juego, sino agregar un modo cooperativo que, quizás, diluye la dificultad que el usuario promedio esperaría.

PAMELA Jun 25, 2018



Lo hemos hablado alguna que otra vez en nuestros análisis. Hay algunos juegos que, sencillamente, tienen buen corazón. Puedes sentir cómo el equipo detrás de ellos se ha dejado el alma en crear algo que consiga transmitir sentimientos al jugador. Hay juegos que simplemente quieren hacernos sentir un poco niños, y hacer que sonriamos, que nos asustemos y que nos sorprendamos. Y Unravel Two es uno de ellos.

Juan Rubio Jun 18, 2018

3D Juegos


Unravel Two es, como el original, una bonita aventura de puzles y plataformas con un encanto especial. La apuesta por el cooperativo contribuye a crear desafíos más interesantes, también más divertidos, aunque si en su día disfrutaste del original, echarás en falta más originalidad en los retos que plantea. También el diseño de los rompecabezas, si bien es atractivo, resulta por momentos demasiado sencillo, sin profundizar demasiado en el juego en equipo. Pese a todo, el videojuego de EA Originals tiene calidad suficiente como para atrapar a los apasionados a esta clase de desafíos.

Alberto Pastor Jun 21, 2018



¿Merece la pena que mientras eso sucede juguemos Unravel 2? Si os gustó el primero, por supuesto. Si os atraen los juegos con alma propia, aunque sea pequeñita, por supuesto. Y si queréis pasaros una o dos tardes con un amigo tirando hebras de lana en vez de balas en un tempo y ambiente audiovisuales hechos para no ir corriendo, sino mirando aquí y en todos lados… por supuesto.

Cesar Otero Jun 22, 2018



Nachdem das erste Abenteuer von Yarny mit seiner subtilen emotionalen Inszenierung, cleveren Umgebungsrätseln sowie einer akkuraten Steuerung punkten konnte, verpasst es Unravel 2, das Konzept auf die nächste Stufe zu setzen. Zwar darf man jetzt auch kooperativ versuchen, sowohl die Sprungpassagen als auch die weiterhin intelligenten Puzzles zu lösen.

Mathias Oertel Jun 18, 2018



Wer schon mit Unravel im Alleingang seinen Spaß hatte, der wird mindestens genauso viel Freude an dem Sequel haben und im Zusammenspiel mit Freunden legt Unravel 2 noch mal einen drauf. Grafisch ist der 2D-Platformer auf der Höhe seiner Zeit und mit langen Level, kniffligen Herausforderungsmissionen und kosmetischen Items noch umfangreicher als sein Vorgänger.

Adil Kanal Jun 10, 2018



Unravel Two s'inscrit en tout point dans la continuité de son aîné en disposant d'une direction artistique somptueuse couplée à des mécaniques de gameplay fluides et accessibles. La possibilité de contrôler deux Yarny, en solo ou en coop local, renforce l'intérêt du jeu, lequel ne se contente pas d'apparaître comme une vulgaire redite du premier épisode.

Filipe Da Silva Barbosa Jun 27, 2018



S’il conserve cet aspect coloré et mignon du premier épisode, Unravel Two parvient tout de même à en renouveler l’expérience grâce à de bonnes idées. Il s’appuie pour cela sur la présence d’un second personnage permettant de réaliser toute l’aventure avec un ami, mais qui a le bon goût de ne pas nous empêcher de la parcourir seule d’une part, et d’être adapté aux joueurs débutants, d’autre part. En revanche, il gagne en mécaniques ce qu’il perd en sous-texte, la trame de fond s’avérant bien plus confuse et moins touchante que celle du premier. Si vous ne prêtez guère attention à ce point, vous trouverez toutefois en Unravel Two un sympathique platformer très agréable à parcourir en coop.

Kaaraj Jun 29, 2018



Malgré tout, le jeu manque quelque peu de consistance, tant dans son challenge que dans sa variété visuelle ou sonore. Il n’en propose pas moins une aventure chaleureusement imagée, certes empruntant beaucoup à d’autres jeux de plateforme (LittleBigPlanet en tête de mire), mais suffisamment bien taillé pour intéresser les amateurs du genre du moment qu’ils soient deux à jouer. Un bon cru.

Maximilien Cagnard Jun 21, 2018

Game Kult


Changer dans la continuité n'est jamais chose facile et pourtant, Coldwood réussit avec brio à délaisser les larmes de crocodile de Unravel au profit d'une suite mignonne et amusante à la fois. Les situations de coopération n'ont rien de factice, l'entraide est au coeur d'un jeu qui aligne les idées brillantes de gameplay, comme la possibilité de s'accrocher à son partenaire en cas de danger.

Benoît Reinier Jun 09, 2018

Spazio Games


Impreziosita da una direzione artistica encomiabile e da alcune meccaniche piacevoli, Unravel Two si configura come un’esperienza certamente più ricca e divertente sul piano ludico, ma fallimentare nel tentativo di dire la sua sul versante delle esperienze sensoriali.

Roberto Crespi Jun 19, 2018



La collaborazione fra i due personaggi, che si traduce nella possibilità di affrontare l'avventura da soli o in cooperativa con un amico, rappresenta il cardine di un gameplay che anche stavolta inanella enigmi ambientali sempre più sfaccettati, ma mai davvero complessi e spesso accomunati dalla medesima chiave di lettura, il che trasforma alcuni livelli in una passeggiata gradevole da vedere ma un po' troppo banale da giocare.

Tommaso Pugliese Jun 15, 2018



Unravel Two è una piacevole avventura, che offre qualche ora di divertimento e di piacevoli enigmi, il tutto condito con un'atmosfera sognante e dolcissima. I puzzle sono piuttosto semplici, tranne in qualche raro caso e il gioco mira ad accompagnare piuttosto serenamente verso il finale. L'inserimento di un secondo personaggio che da vita a un gameplay nuovo è interessante, ma toglie un po' l'identità al titolo, che ne esce lievemente sconfitto se paragonato al precedessore.

MARCO ESPOSTO Jun 14, 2018



Unravel Two можно посочувствовать. В какой-то момент Electronic Arts, видимо, решила, что просто показать еще одну инди в рамках EA Originals мало — надо ее тут же и выпустить. И под руку попалась талантливая студия Coldwood, которой для разработки по-настоящему хорошей игры не хватило времени. Надеюсь, что с новой Unravel команда торопиться не станет.

Денис Князев Jun 17, 2018

Merlin'in Kazani


Sonuç olarak Unravel Two, co-op olarak da oynayabileceğiniz başarılı bir platform oyunu. Genel hatları ile baktığımızda ise ilk oyunun üzerine çok fazla yenilik katamadığını, aksine bazı yönlerden daha geride ve sıradan kaldığını görüyoruz. ilk oyunu sevdiyseniz keyif alabileceğiniz ve kısa bir sürede bitirebileceğiniz Unravel Two, farklı ve sade bir platform oyunu arayanları da memnun edebilir.

Ersin Kılıç Jun 27, 2018



Unravel Two breidt het concept van het eerste deel succesvol uit en legt de focus op de gameplay in plaats van het schattige personage. Dit komt de funfactor alleen maar ten goede, waardoor je een platformer voorgeschoteld krijgt met (lichte) physic based puzzels die je af en toe out of the box laten denken. Hoewel de hoofdgame aan de kortere kant is, rekken de verdraaid lastige challenge levels de speelduur op.

Marc De Haas Jun 13, 2018