Uncanny Valley

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Aaron PotterFeb 14, 2017
Uncanny Valley remains a genuinely creepy and interesting indie horror experience, and one that should be applauded for its unique consequence system which melds together environment exploration with slight roguelike elements. Armed with your trusty flashlight, a couple of seven-minute shifts, and plenty of macabre imagery presented in pixelated fashion, Uncanny Valley never failed to scare or surprise me with everything – other than its finale.
Thom ComptonFeb 07, 2017
At first, it feels like Silent Hill, then the dread sets in that it might just be the parts people were indifferent to, or didn't like. Any survival horror fan should check it out, but don't expect anything more than a game with a lot of potential that never quite realises it.
Nicola Ardron Feb 08, 2017
Uncanny Valley shows a lot of promise, but the harsh reality of its non-linear narrative structure and reliance on multiple playthroughs to make sense of it all means it is asking too much in the face of the early game's uninspired, repetitive gameplay.
Elias SampayoFeb 08, 2017
Uncanny Valley tiene buenas ideas, aunque nos hubiera gustado que tuviera mayor incidencia la parte de indagación. La idea de distintos finales y distintos caminos no está mal, pero tener que repetir varias veces el juego puede resultar un tanto molesto y repetitivo. Uncanny Valley es un buen juego, con buenas ideas, pero que por desgracia no logran plasmarse de manera ideal en nuestras pantallas.