TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge for PlayStation 4

TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge

Mar 6, 2018
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Developer: Kylotonn
Content Rating: Early childhood


The titular event, Isle of Man TT Race (known as Isle of Man TT Festival from 1989 onwards) is one of the most prestigious motorcycle circuits, taking place annually from 1907 on the Isle of Man, a self-governing dependency between Ireland and Great Britain. Between 1949 and 1976 the event was a part of FIM Motor-cycle Grand Prix World Championship, known as the World Series of motorcycle racing. As a result of the controversies regarding the safety of the event, the Isle of Man series had been removed from the championship schedule, retaining its fame as one of the most dangerous cyclical sport events that is notorious for taking the lives of 251 participants throughout its duration.

Critic Reviews

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Blake GrundmanMar 13, 2018
If you were to boil TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge down to its essence, it does a fantastic job of recreating the storied event in fantastic detail. The sheer sense of speed it engenders is an achievement in and of itself. However, the mediocre variety, lack of replayability, and need for more polish derail an otherwise interesting experience. Only the hardcore should saddle up for this ride.
Sam BrookeMar 11, 2018
Containing an impressive adaptation of the Isle of Man's Snaefell Mountain Course, TT Isle of Man Racing: Ride on the Edge will be attractive to motorcycle nuts looking for a new experience. But its high asking price, repetitive career mode, and lack of any online community means that everyone else can simply pass this by.
Gary BaileyMar 13, 2018
While TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge accurately captures the sense of speed as you barrel down the country lanes of the iconic circuit, its twitchy handling undoes the experience entirely.

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