Trials Rising for PlayStation 4

Trials Rising

Feb 26, 2019
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Developer: RedLynx
Content Rating: Teen


Trials Rising is the newest iteration of Ubisoft’s gripping motorcycle platforming series. Combining the core gameplay and over-the-top action of the Trials franchise with all-new features, more competition, and a fresh visual look, Trials Rising is the biggest and most ambitious title in the series to date.

Critic Reviews

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Tom MarksFeb 25, 2019
Trials Rising offers some of the coolest levels in the series to date, and its new tutorial system does a better job of teaching you how to actually execute its hardest techniques than any game before it. That wide variety of tracks is unfortunately bogged down by the frustrating grind it takes to unlock them all and some strange decisions that lead to a more discouraging experience, but it’s still satisfying to get back on the bike and try for better medals if you can make it to the finish line.
Bill LavoyFeb 25, 2019
Trials Rising hits all the right gameplay points for an experience that needs to balance entertainment with challenge. There’s a lot here for players to enjoy whether they want casual fun or a hardcore motorcycle platformer. While the audio and visual presentations of Trials Rising are lacking, the gameplay is fluid and rewarding.
Cory WellsFeb 26, 2019
There’s no doubt that Trials Rising is the culmination of the entire series. Running races that are built around platforming elements with a bit of puzzle solving when things slow down is an experience you can’t find in any other game. Throw in a track editor and a ton of customization options, and there’s plenty to come back to and perfect. The downer, though, is the overemphasis on loot crates and putting all these customizations either behind a paywall or a really long grind.

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