Trials Fusion for PlayStation 4

Trials Fusion

Apr 15, 2014
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Developer: RedLynx
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Trials Fusion retains and enhances the vital features from the best-selling and critically acclaimed games Trials Evolution and Trials HD. Master crazy Tricks in a brand new Trials world and feel the competition to an all-new level with unique social features and more in Trial Fusion.

Critic Reviews

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Richard WalkerApr 16, 2014
As relentlessly bastard-hard as ever, Trials Fusion coaxes you in with its easy and medium events, before kicking you square in the balls with its later hard and extreme tracks. It's still utterly brilliant, but takes no prisoners. In conclusion: Trials Fusion – good but hard. Just like the other games. Buy it.
Matt MillerApr 16, 2014
Trials Fusion, like its predecessors, is a bundle of fun packaged in frustration, repetition, and memorization. If that kind of punishment is your cup of tea, Fusion offers more of what you’ve come to expect. The existing formula is an awfully good one, but with few meaningful steps forward, it’s easy to feel like we’ve crashed down this road before.
Peter ChapmanApr 16, 2014
Trials Fusion continues the tradition of finely balanced frustration and joy that always made previous games in the series so compelling. ...The user-generated content adds plenty of longevity, even beyond the promise of those six DLC packs over the next year and the new trick system – frustrating and difficult to master as it is – is a perfect fit for the game.

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