Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark for PlayStation 4

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Jun 24, 2014
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Developer: Edge of Reality
Content Rating: Teen


The game begins in the film continuity with a mysterious purple meteor crashing into Earth. The Autobots reach the crash site and Optimus sees an ancient Cybertronian relic called the Dark Spark, the antithesis to the Matrix of Leadership. Whereas the Matrix grants wisdom, the Dark Spark gives the user the power to bend the universe and its inhabitants to their own will. The Autobots clear out the mercenaries defending the relic, but fail to stop the bounty hunter Lockdown from escaping with the relic. The perspective changes to Cybertron, where Megatron and Optimus give explanations to their factions' current state: the Autobots face their darkest hour, but its the opposite for the Decepticons.

Critic Reviews

18 Reviews
Dean JamesJun 30, 2014
Overall, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a very playable but disappointing game. After the high marks that were set by High Moon Studios’ two Cybertron games, this just feels like a lackluster follow-up. The method of trying to tie in the movie universe seemed way too forced and with the game being so short and lacking in environments, it almost feels as if it was rushed just to make the movie’s release date.
Chris CarterJul 01, 2014
The one saving grace is Escalation, which is still the tried-and-true Horde mode it always was. With up to three other players online, you can fight off waves of enemies to your heart's content, unlocking more characters and such in a more fun way. There are always 15 waves to complete, giving you a sense of progression as you blast towards the end.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioJun 24, 2014
I would say that Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark was a disappointment, but that would mean I expected something from it, and I didn’t. This is just another movie tie in title, and nothing much more. It tries to tie in the original cartoons, the movies, and the video games, but it fails. It just feels like a corny fanfiction crossover plot painted over a mediocre third person shooter.

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