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Daniel BloodworthMay 19, 2018
Christian VazMay 19, 2018
Trailblazers isn’t a bad game, it just doesn’t do anything to make me ever want to go back to it. The multiplayer portion of the game does not have enough players to get into matches consistently (or ever, in my case) leaving the lackluster single player content. There’s also the local multiplayer but, just like the single-player content, you and your friends will get bored relatively quickly. To top everything off, the price of the game is far too high for what you are getting, making it difficult to convince anyone you know to pick it up.
Leo FariaMay 13, 2018
One of the best surprises of 2018 so far, Trailblazers caught me off guard with its completely innovative gameplay, amazing soundtrack and arcade-like replayability. This title oozes charm and personality to an infectious degree, and it’s an absolute must not only for F-Zero fans, but for any racing fan in general.
Paulmichael ContrerasMay 16, 2018
Trailblazers certainly paints its own trail in the arcade racing genre, something we don’t really see very often. Splitscreen support for up to four players is ambitious as well. An actual story mode with an interesting cast of characters provides a bit of extra, unexpected entertainment, as well.
Jeremy PeeplesMay 08, 2018
Trailblazers is a fantastic game that blends racing and a team-based dynamic to craft a memorable experience. It plays like a dream and offers up a surprisingly high amount of strategy to excel. By offering up enough twists on a traditional racing game, it finds ways to create excitement that haven’t been done before in the genre and is a must for anyone looking for an arcade-style futuristic racing experience. If you like F-Zero and/or Splatoon, you will find a lot to like here.
Mario BrashMay 14, 2018
Both the music and art meld perfectly with this type of pick-up and play experience where every race brings a catchy tune; they make for redeeming qualities. Presentation-wise, Supergonk has a lot to offer. Gameplay-wise, Trailblazers kicks off on all cylinders in a wonderful first impression. However, it drags on its way to the finish line, which is why a driver might prefer some company to keep them entertained along the way.
Stephen TailbyMay 07, 2018
Trailblazers is an ambitious and entertaining arcade racer with a great core concept that gives races a very dynamic edge. The added strategy that the track-painting system provides makes for an excellent ebb and flow to the racing, and the presentation is well executed. Some gameplay hang-ups do occasionally spoil the fun, however, with stubborn AI drivers that cause lots of unwanted collisions -- including your teammates.
Dominic LeightonMay 10, 2018
A variable frame rate is an out and out killer for any racing game, and despite Trailblazers’ clear potential it’s impossible to see past that. The overall concept, of merging F-Zero and Splatoon, is a fantastic idea, but perhaps it needed a bit longer in development in order for it to be fully realised.
Alfonso ArribasMay 12, 2018
Trailblazers es una llamativa propuesta de conducción arcade que sabe combinar de forma acertada la emoción de las carreras y la variante de la pintura. Esta jugabilidad adquiere mucha más fuerza al ser compartida con amigos, ya sea offline u online, ya que los distintos modos se vuelven más adictivos y divertidos.
Jan WöbbekingMay 11, 2018
Tests wie der von Trailblazers sind frustrierend: So viel Potenzial – aber auch so viele nervige Macken! Das Spiel hätte das Splatoon der Fun-Racer werden können, doch der Fahrspaß wird immer wieder von Rucklern, der ruppigen KI und Speicher-Bugs gestört. Selbst die Online- und Splitscreen-Lobbies wirken halbgar und zusammengeschustert.