Toy Soldiers: War Chest for PlayStation 4

Toy Soldiers: War Chest

Aug 11, 2015
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Developer: Signal Studios
Content Rating: Teen


The legendary Toy Soldiers franchise returns with Toy Soldiers: War Chest! This is a fast-paced genre-bending mix of strategy defense and action that brings to life four unique toy-inspired factions. Command Kaiser with his WWI-era troops, or storm the battlefields with Starbright and her cute and lovable army of unicorns, fairies and teddy bears. Control Dark Lord and his supernatural monsters, men and dragons or wield powerful technology as Phantom and her futuristic Ghost Company . Lead from the strategic level, placing and upgrading turrets, or take direct command of your units and heroes to deliver assaults.

Critic Reviews

9 Reviews
Doug MercerAug 24, 2015
Anyway, this game is actually pretty good. I really loved battling through the various maps and tackling a pretty difficult campaign. On top of that, there are more than a few ways to replay it and one mode designed to have you checking in every day, which is something that isn’t outside of the realm of possibility given how much I liked it.
Anthony LaBellaAug 19, 2015
The variety in game modes doesn't quite make up for the lack of heroes, but Toy Soldiers: War Chest provides some quality entertainment for tower defense aficionados. Even those who typically avoid the genre might appreciate the ability to control turrets and heroes. The flaws of the genre still exist, as missions can often move at a glacial pace and reinforce the repetition of the mechanics. It prevents Toy Soldiers: War Chest from being an easy recommendation beyond mere curiosity or nostalgia, but at least I can shoot dragons with laser guns.
Cameron WoolseySep 01, 2015
Overall, Toy Soldiers: War Chest is not bad. But a laundry list of unfortunate drawbacks keeps it from becoming the exciting box of good times and nostalgia that it could have been. There is enjoyment to be had, however, sporting loads of family friendly entertainment and featuring a difficulty level that can occasionally be tough, but never frustrating.

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