Touhou Double Focus for PlayStation 4

Touhou Double Focus

Mar 21, 2017
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About this game

Developer: Aqua Style
Content Rating: Teen


At a certain rental bookstore in Gensokyo... Like any other day, Kosuzu Motoori tended to the store until one book caught her eye. Although she was quite knowledgeable about magical books, she had never seen anything like it. After making sure no one was around, she stroked the cover with her finger.

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Chris ShiveMar 14, 2017
Touhou Double Focus is a quirky Metroidvania that offers fun and challenging gameplay. This isn’t the first game that requires the player to switch between two different play styles, but the simplicity in doing so does enhance the exploration aspect of the beautifully designed areas of the book world. While not incredibly long, this doesn’t feel incomplete since each area is filled with many nooks and crannies to explore with secrets to find.
Tyler TreeseMar 14, 2017
There are some really great ideas found within Touhou Double Focus, but they aren’t fully executed here. The gameplay needs to be tighter if it’s going to focus on difficulty, and it pales in comparison to other difficult platformers like Shantae. If you get this as part of the physical copy of Touhou Genso Wanderer then by all means check it out, but Double Focus leaves a lot to be desired by itself.
Nicole SeraphitaJul 03, 2017
If you come into Double Focus expecting a short but difficult journey you’ll likely enjoy this homage to retro games and the Touhou’s rather deep lore. This makes it a perfectly good game for the already devoted, but those outside the community might find Double Focus simply too hard.


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