Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PS4

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (PS4)

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PS4
Genre: ActionRPGJRPGSingle Player
Content Rating: Teen


Tokyo Xanadu eX+; a massive action RPG from the masters of the genre, Nihon Falcom! When high school student Kou Tokisaka encounters the nightmare realm known as the Eclipse, his world is forever changed.
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Dual Shockers


Those jumping into Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for the first will find that the wait well worth it. On the other hand, fans who have already played the game will discover a large variety of new events to play through as well as a much-improved battle system than what they remember. I had a great with Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and now I’m left with the new post-game quests that will probably add many more hours to my play time.

Azario Lopez Dec 07, 2017



While there can be quite a bit of hand-holding, which may turn off more hardcore fans of the genre, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ offers a great respite from other, bigger holiday releases. If you’ve got some time this holiday to sit down with a meaty JRPG, this one might just be the one for you.

Kyle Bradford Dec 21, 2017

Push Square


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is a wonderful way to spend several hours thanks to a delightfully fun combat system. The standard JRPG storyline means everything feels very familiar, but it's not all bad. Overall, the game's nothing special -- certainly not to look at -- but there's at least plenty of content here, and the title does a decent job of keeping things fresh.

Jade Sayers Dec 18, 2017

PS Lifestyle


When the game is at its best, however, it is an enjoyable dungeon runner that features intriguing, fun combat, and it’s definitely worth playing for those who never experienced the original Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita—just with the caveat that players will need to stomach a lot of flavorless JRPG tropes to get to what makes Tokyo Xanadu eX+ tasty enough to merit its forty-hour-long runtime.

Cody Gravelle Dec 11, 2017

Game Grin


So with all that in mind, is Tokyo Xanadu eX+ I title that I would recommend? Eh. It has its pros and cons, as well as some nice surprises and half-hearted ones. In the full spectrum of things, I would say if you like playing this type of JRPG then by all means go for it, there’s nothing that will take away from the experience but nothing that will add to it either. If you don’t like this type of thing, just wait out for something better. May as well keep playing Persona 5.

Ethan Butterfield Jan 16, 2018



There are legitimate moments of fun and almost a harkening back to major JRPG classics in Tokyo Xanadu eX+, but all too often the pacing detracts from being truly great. The battle system is excellent, with a single but significant flaw of fighting with only one character, despite the large crew acquired. The entire game would be better served immensely by being about half its length, as nothing truly gets kicking before it burns out on itself.

Eric Dec 07, 2017



Hay que decir que la versión que analizamos es la mejorada, Tokyo Xanadu Ex+, con bastante más contenido que la que apareció en verano en Occidente en Playstation Vita, pero en cualquier caso acaba quedando a medio camino entre obras muy destacables como Persona 5 y Trails of Cold Steel y desastres como Mind Zero o Akiba's Beat.

Ramón Nafria Dec 18, 2017

Game Kult


Il n'est ni le plus beau ni le plus talentueux de la classe, mais on a envie d'être conciliant avec l'élève Xanadu. Le jeu de Falcom n'affiche ni les prétentions artistiques de Persona 5 ni le sens de l'exploration de Ys VIII, mais lui coller une retenue sous prétexte qu'il arrive chez nous après deux surdoués serait vraiment injuste.

Jarod Jan 11, 2018