Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PlayStation 4

Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Dec 8, 2017

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Content Rating: Teen


Tokyo Xanadu eX+; a massive action RPG from the masters of the genre, Nihon Falcom! When high school student Kou Tokisaka encounters the nightmare realm known as the Eclipse, his world is forever changed.

Critic Reviews

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Cody GravelleDec 11, 2017
When the game is at its best, however, it is an enjoyable dungeon runner that features intriguing, fun combat, and it’s definitely worth playing for those who never experienced the original Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita—just with the caveat that players will need to stomach a lot of flavorless JRPG tropes to get to what makes Tokyo Xanadu eX+ tasty enough to merit its forty-hour-long runtime.
Kyle BradfordDec 21, 2017
While there can be quite a bit of hand-holding, which may turn off more hardcore fans of the genre, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ offers a great respite from other, bigger holiday releases. If you’ve got some time this holiday to sit down with a meaty JRPG, this one might just be the one for you.
Chao Min WuDec 11, 2017
With all the improvements made to this enhanced re-release, it almost feels as if the Vita version of Tokyo Xanadu can be considered a beta version. Even if you have already played the Vita version, all the new additions and readjusted gameplay provide a completely fresh and definitive experience for the game. If this is your first time playing Tokyo Xanadu, I would recommend picking up the PlayStation 4 version. However, Vita players must ask themselves if the battle tweaks and story additions are worth a second purchase.

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