Tiny Trax

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Tyler TreeseJul 25, 2017
It’s been awhile since I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed a learning curve in a racing game. Tiny Trax hides a highly challenging racer behind its charming presentation, and I’ve enjoyed going from nearly being lapped to occasionally winning races.
Jamie FelthamJul 25, 2017
Don’t let Tiny Trax’s steep learning curve put you off what’s an otherwise compelling and addictive racer. FuturLab has managed to capture the rewarding mechanical finesse that made its Velocity titles so much fun to play and apply it to an entirely different genre that can be enjoyed with friends.
Mike HolmesJul 25, 2017
All told, Tiny Trax is a fun little racer if you've got a VR headset and not enough nausea-free games to go with it. It's lightweight in terms of content, but what's there is charming thanks to simple and accessible racing, with striking backgrounds and zany track design sealing the deal.
Sammy BarkerJul 25, 2017
Tiny Trax is a beautifully presented arcade racer which leverages PlayStation VR in an original and intelligent way. Clever use of layers gives the illusion of impressive depth to its dozen or so courses, and smart game design means that the title’s extremely accessible but still challenging to master.
Stefan LJul 25, 2017
Once you get the hang of Tiny Trax, it’s a fantastic little racer that demands you learn the tracks, perfect every corner, and know exactly when to boost in order to win. Some people might stall while getting over the initial hump of learning the handling, others when contemplating the amount of content in the game, but get past that and you’ll find a slot-racer for the VR generation.
Albert LichiJul 29, 2017
Tiny Trax set its goal fairly low and achieved it. It has very shallow and simple gameplay that is dressed up by stunning visuals and polished presentation. Soundwise, the experience is forgettable and leaves no impression whatsoever. After the initial wow factor of the VR implementation wears off, there really isn't much to this game, and, really, it could have been playable without it at all.
John-Paul JonesJul 25, 2017
Fun is woven into every aspect of Tiny Trax being, and while the lack of additional modes and relatively no-frills VR implementation both leave something to be desired, the skilful handling model will keep most wannabe racers of all ages coming back for more.
JuanemJul 29, 2017
La primera vez que lo jugué me sentí asombrado por lo increíbles que lucen sus circuitos intrincados a tu alrededor, esa misma sensación de asombro la percibí en mis compañeros al ver que no es necesario estar en una perspectiva en primera persona para disfrutar de un producto de realidad tan inmersivo y bien diseñado como lo es Tiny Trax.
Jan WöbbekingJul 28, 2017
Klein, aber oho: Minimalistischer, aber kniffliger Slotcar-Racer inmitten idyllischer Kulissen.