Those Who Remain for PlayStation 4

Those Who Remain

May 28, 2020
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Developer: Camel 101
Content Rating: Mature


Those Who Remain is a psychological thriller that takes place in Dormont, a small town in the US. Dormont appears to be a regular and typical American town at first glance, but it is however cursed by a demon who shrouded everything in darkness. Most of Dormont’s population has been trapped inside the darkness, with no means of escape. Edward Turner is just an ordinary man with a troubled past, who arrives in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he soon finds out that something is very wrong in Dormont. There are strange creatures roaming in the dark, killing everyone that gets close. The only way to survive is by staying in the light. The danger in the dark is not the only thing at play in Dormont. There are strange portals that emanate a bright light, that seem to bring anyone that goes through them to another place, similar yet different, apparently unreal but very real. Actions taken in one place have repercussions in the other.

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Jarren NavarreteMay 29, 2020
At times, I felt as if the game was a bit too dark. Literally. It’s apparent when playing the game in the morning and the shine is shining through the windows. Unless I pull the curtains on, the game becomes near impossible to play. And while Those Who Remain does give the option to adjust the brightness, I found it odd that it only ever gave you that choice the first time you play the game. When I visited the options menu in order to make the game a little brighter, I found the brightness scale to be absent.
Becca S.May 28, 2020
With two different endings, Those Who Remain is worth playing through all the way at least once to find out how the story ends. But with so many issues, it’s hard to find the motivation to jump back in to reveal that second ending. There’s a small bit of horror and well-crafted atmosphere on offer, but it’s short lived – and there’s definitely better games to play in the genre. Maybe give it a miss, at least until the technical issues have been (hopefully) fixed.
Liam CroftMay 28, 2020
Those Who Remain is a psychological horror experience completely lacking in scares and atmosphere. Its uninspired gameplay loop has already been done better time and time again, resulting in a dull, unnecessary title.

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