Thimbleweed Park for PlayStation 4

Thimbleweed Park

Aug 22, 2017
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Developer: Terrible Toybox, Inc.
Content Rating: Teen


Welcome to Thimbleweed Park. Population: 80 nutcases. A haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, a dead body pixelating under the bridge, toilets that run on vacuum tubes... this town has issues. Five people with nothing in common have been drawn to this rundown place. They don’t know it yet but they’re deeply connected. And they’re being watched.

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Chandler WoodAug 22, 2017
This isn’t a modern day triple-A title, but if you want a taste of why the Ron Gilbert classics are so beloved by many longtime gamers, Thimbleweed Park is a window into the past that shouldn’t be missed.
Alex StintonAug 22, 2017
Given the origins of Thimbleweed Park as a Kickstarter project, it’s not at all surprising to find that it’s firmly aimed at a very specific audience. To that end it does deliver, with interesting characters, an enticing core mystery, and loads of puzzles, all wrapped up in a package that closely follows the tenets of the those classic Lucasarts titles.
gamesTMJan 19, 2018
The implementation of the verb system is emblematic of the difficulty faced when making a game like this. What do you keep from adventure game history and what do you jettison? When do you modernise and when do you not? If you do modernise, how far do you go? There are missteps in the answers Thimbleweed Park gives to these questions, but it just about gets the balance right. At least, it does if you are part of the audience at which this game is pitched.