The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1: In Too Deep for PlayStation 4

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1: In Too Deep

Feb 23, 2016
This is an episodic game. You will need to get the base game and all succeeding episodes to experience it as designed.

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Developer: Telltale Games
Content Rating: Mature


The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries stars the iconic, blade-wielding character from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic books. Haunted by her past, and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne's absence between issues 126 and 139 of the comic book. Over the three episodes of the miniseries, players will discover what took Michonne away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.

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Justin CelaniMar 01, 2016
The miniseries appears to still use the same engine Telltale has been using over the years. Though I happened to notice, on PS4, the framerate and stutter was still very much there at moments during the game. Less often then the majority of time but it’s a shame it isn’t all running smooth and I have to wonder when the engine will get an update and shine a bit more.
Joey ThurmondFeb 26, 2016
In Too Deep is a stepping stone to introduce Michonne that detrimentally plays it safe. There aren't any advances in Telltale's formula or notable sequences that we haven't seen in other forms before, but the miniseries can be a cut above its predecessors if it takes advantage of the brutality and moral centre of the protagonist by embroiling her in more memorable confrontations with both the infected and the living.
Drew HurleyMar 26, 2016
It's sad to say, but The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 1: In Too Deep is a poor introduction to Michonne's story and Telltale doesn't have an entire season to build towards something special this time, as there are only three episodes planned… This is a definite pick-up for fans of the comic, but for those coming in because they enjoyed the previous Telltale The Walking Dead titles, this feels humdrum in comparison. With any luck, Episode 2 will be the one where Telltale turns things around.