The Swords of Ditto for PlayStation 4

The Swords of Ditto

Apr 24, 2018
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Developer: onebitbeyond
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The Swords of Ditto is a compact action RPG that creates a unique adventure for each new hero of legend in the relentless fight against the evil Mormo.

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Funky Hans

Funky Hans

Jul 22, 2020

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Matt KeithMay 07, 2018
At the end of the day, Sword of Ditto is a fun ARPG with a few issues. The roguelike elements are actually handled really well with this title allowing guys like me that are both terrible at and frustrated with the concept, the opportunity to enjoy the genre. Combat and progression work well and in the case of the latter allows each playthrough to feel like you have accomplished something.
Kim SnaithMay 04, 2018
It’s filled with glorious old-school RPG elements that are timelessly enjoyable; dungeons with puzzles, basic but engaging combat, cool boss designs. There really is so much to love. It’s just a shame it ends up outstaying its welcome by having you repeat yourself time and time again. But I will be back to Ditto. All said and done, its charm will still draw me in.
James SwinbanksApr 24, 2018
The Swords of Ditto is nothing short of a light-hearted good time. Despite a few bumps getting in the way of progress and some misgivings about the forced time limit per playthrough, it’s still a joy to slash through enemies and collect items while humming the game’s ear-tickling soundtrack.

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