The Swindle

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Nicholas PlouffeAug 14, 2015
If Size Five Games can release some updates to maybe tweak the level generation and at least make you able to always collect £100 on the first day, I think it would improve the overall experience drastically. Until they do, the score will stay as it is but don’t let that deter you if you enjoy other games like Spelunky or even Mark of the Ninja. If that’s the case then The Swindle could quite possibly be just the game for you.
Tyler TreeseAug 03, 2015
The Swindle is a game that many will end up playing for months to come. The gameplay is the perfect combination of stealth and action, and its difficulty, while brutal, is satisfying. Size Five Games, and publisher Curve Digital, have created an addictive game that needs to be played by anyone who loves a good challenge.
Sam BishopOct 11, 2018
After all, it's got a healthy mix of simple controls within a challenging concept, it offers a fine balance between saving and spending your money, and there's a lot of variety in terms of what you can unlock. Considering it's procedurally-generated nature and roguelite loop there's also a lot of replayability, so Size Five Games isn't swindling you with this game in the slightest.
gamesTMOct 02, 2015
The procedural generation can sometimes spawn stages that are simply impossible to finish, with some vaults being buried underground with no entrances or in rooms that simply can’t be escaped with your current set of abilities. The game even admits that this is an issue, telling you early on that some stages can’t be completed and the only option is burglar suicide. That in itself would be fine, but that ever-ticking clock of the 100-day limit makes this frustrating; it’s an irritation to know you’ve wasted a day simply because of the game’s level generation.
Mat GrowcottJul 28, 2015
The Swindle is a solid game, but it's a swag bag short of our full recommendation. As a title to play over a weekend – or between other games with more substance – it can't really be knocked, but don't expect to be feeling light fingered forever. This is a cunning con, a solid swizz – but it's been robbed of crime of the century status.
Mick FraserJul 27, 2015
A stylish new take on the indie stealth genre, The Swindle doesn't have the chops to compete with the very best, but manages to be addictive and likable enough to succeed on its own merit.
Neil BoltJul 31, 2015
It’s worth adding that The Swindle is deceptively simplistic underneath the many upgrades and the way it rolls out new enemy types. Even with the injection the aforementioned freshness, it does start to show signs of repetition eventually for even the most ardent of players, but by the time that moment comes, you’ll possibly of had your fair fill of it anyway.
Alberto PastorAug 05, 2015
Muy grata sorpresa la que nos hemos llevado con esta aventura de sigilo en 2D, que de verdad consigue hacerte sentir en la piel de un ladrón. Lo desafiante de su acción y el que te obligue a sacar provecho de las mejoras y habilidades especiales de nuestro caco no hace sino acrecentar sus virtudes, que solo se ven ensombrecidas por un sistema de control un tanto irregular y un diseño de niveles no demasiado inspirado.
Jan WöbbekingAug 21, 2015
Wer zu Beginn falsch investiert, kommt so schnell nicht wieder auf einen grünen Zweig. Überfliegt vor dem ersten Spiel also lieber einen Guide! Trotz der Mankos bietet The Swindle aber eine erfreulich eigenständige Interpretation zufallsgenerierter Hardcore-Plattformer.