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Ray PorrecaMay 15, 2017
The Surge is a mix of interesting ideas and hiccups in execution. While there's no doubt that it will resonate with a specific, hardcore audience, it's missing just enough to alienate a generalized audience. Its combat is challenging, but not perfect; its story starts with a compelling hook but falls flat shortly after.
Tomas FranzeseMay 16, 2017
If this genre of games inspired by the Souls series is going to continue, it is important that future titles in it can build upon what has already been established and try to do something new with it. That is why I am so happy The Surge is able to do so. Even if it falters in a few areas, the game’s limb targeting and Core Power mechanics coupled with its unique world create a fun experience that even people like me, who aren’t mega-fans of the Souls series, can enjoy.
Michael GoroffMay 26, 2017
The Surge’s engaging risk/reward combat system and obsession with gear will compel you to want to fight your way through a cataclysmic sci-fi hell. But the repetitive enemy types, uninspired visual design, and unfortunate lack of polish leaves the game feeling soulless.
Martin PatiñoMay 15, 2017
The new and different systems The Surge has introduced makes it an enjoyable and different experience for both newcomers to the genre and those who have already played Souls-like games previously. Deck13 has done a great job at combining the familiar and the new to create a unique vision that’s both fun and challenging.
Andrew ReinerMay 15, 2017
It just clings too tightly to a one-note approach to world building, enemy encounters, and level design. This is a genre that has a rich history of wowing players, sometimes from the look of a boss, and maybe even the design of the world it inhabits. I was never dazzled by The Surge. I mostly felt like I was battling animated junk in a junkyard.
John LearnedMay 15, 2017
The Surge gives a lousy first impression with it bland sci-fi setting and grab bag of obvious influences. Given time, though, there’s an unrefined gem in here for those willing to put up with its quirks. If this is Deck 13’s next step to building something truly great, it’s a solid, if flawed one.
Jon RyanMay 15, 2017
The Surge makes good use of its detailed sci-fi setting and provides an engaging experience throughout the 30 to 40-hour campaign, mostly thanks to its widely customizable inventory and wickedly fun combat system. It may struggle to keep the action moving and tell a strong story amid the chaos of battle, and its weapon progression plateaued early, but it offers some interesting ideas and delivers a solid new take on a familiar genre.
Richard WalkerMay 15, 2017
Every bit as infuriating, enjoyable and insanely gratifying as an action RPG of this type should be, The Surge is great fun, thanks in no small part to its unique limb-cutting loot system and some tight combat mechanics.
Nicholas PlouffeMay 16, 2017
If you enjoy action RPGs and don’t mind butting heads with enemies or bosses that will kill you in a couple hits, then check out The Surge. The few problems with it are certainly present, but they can be overcome through patience and perseverance. Just don’t underestimate the security forces, those guys are no joke.
Dave IrwinMay 16, 2017
Bugs and a weak narrative aside, The Surge is a much more confident take on the emerging Soul-like gameplay style. It takes the known tropes of being challenging and having progression dependent on learning attack patterns while adjusting your play style to accommodate, but it also has some fresh ideas that not only make perfect sense, but could shape future games
Albert LichiMay 16, 2017
Unlike Deck13's predecessor, The Surge has personality of its own and introduces lots of new tricks, even if a couple of them are pointless. At its worst, the environments are samey, and the lack of variety of enemies are real noticeable flaws in what could have been a cult classic. The shockingly few boss fights are also a disappointment; since robots and cyborgs are so limitless in possibility for design, it is almost heart-breaking that The Surge is so restrained with what it does have. In spite of its shortcomings, this does come recommended from a user who has been intimate with these kinds of games since Demon's Souls. It gets a lot of things right, and does stand out, thanks to its atmosphere, lack of hand holding and, of course, the brutal action.
Liam CroftMay 16, 2017
The Surge had potential, but its excellent combat systems are baked into a game that can’t do them justice. The repetitive and drab environments are a huge hindrance, and when combined with a confusing network of corridors, hallways, and ledges, it’s easy to become frustrated, misled, and lost. You may find some fun experimenting with your attack options and the smooth framerate on the PS4 Pro does help to make that a better experience, but expecting anything more than that will only set yourself up for disappointment.
Kieran HarrisMay 15, 2017
hile it proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, this strictly single-player affair manages to break free from the shackles of being just another Souls-like video game. The body harvesting looting mechanic and chilling setting of a machine-dominated dystopian future help it to hold its own, and its relentless difficulty even rivals that of its greatest influence.
GameCentralMay 16, 2017
The Surge is a good game, but it’s so similar to Dark Souls that recommending it depends almost solely on your history with that series. If you’ve not played one before this is as good a place as any to start, but if you’re beginning to tire of the formula you’re unlikely to experience a sudden resurgence of interest here.
Gary BaileyMay 15, 2017
My time with The Surge was filled with mixed feelings, but the positives do outweigh the negatives. Despite the combat issues and awkward (mostly absent) direction, I had fun exploring the dystopian future of Deck13’s world, battling its bloody violent denizens, and meeting its various survivors. It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s got a certain dark charm that Souls fans might just enjoy.
Elias BlondeauMay 15, 2017
The Surge is an admirable riff on the Souls formula, with its novel setting and new mechanics making its mechanical and narrative blemishes easier to swallow.
Garri BagdasarovMay 16, 2017
The Surge started off great. The combat was fun, the story seemed interesting, and the crafting was enjoyable that is until I got a dozen or so hours into it where everything went from being doable to insanely hard, grindy, and uninspiring.
Leo Rae-BrownMay 16, 2017
At its worst, it's a lightning round of "dodge the stunlock" as you struggle against spastic, buggy enemies. It feels frustrating for the wrong reasons, and doesn't play to its strengths – there's a good game hidden in here somewhere, but the combat balancing and level design will do everything in their power to hinder your enjoyment.
José L. OrtegaMay 16, 2017
The Surge se queda varios escalones por debajo de otros títulos de corte similar a los que pretendía hacer frente. Sus buenas ideas quedan ensombrecidas por una escasa profundidad a nivel jugable, lastrada por el sistema de fijado y apuntado a los enemigos, que le convierte en una experiencia innecesariamente más difícil de lo que ya es. Deck 13 repite errores del pasado, llegando a ser verdaderamente frustrante. Aun así, los amantes de este género lo pueden llegar a ver como un más que interesante reto a cumplir pese a sus innegables defectos.
JuanemMay 17, 2017
Recomendable si eres de los que disfrutan este tipo de juegos, aunque debes llegar a The Surge bajo la advertencia que el juego pudo haberse pulido un poco más en las áreas que ya hemos señalado con anterioridad para que no te lleves una decepción. Eso sí, prepárate para una buena sorpresa, un desafío con alto nivel de dificultad, unas 40 horas de su primer pasada y todo lo que quieras seguir explorando en su New Game + con sus respectivas variantes.Aquí un poco de gameplay directo de Focus Home Interactive:
Hobby ConsolasMay 19, 2017
Una propuesta interesante dentro del género de los souls-like, que aunque no consigue estar a la altura de los mas grandes, os hará pasar buenos ratos gracias a su divertido sistema de combate.
Enrique GarcíaMay 17, 2017
Resulta innegable, no obstante, que incluso con sus imperfecciones, The Surge ofrece suficientes motivos para ganarse la atención de los seguidores de este género, de todos esos sufridores de la muerte. Superior a Lord of the Fallen, con personalidad y una ambientación digna. Experiencia recomendada.
FranchuzasMay 16, 2017
Al igual que Lords of the Fallen, The Surge es un juego nacido a la sombra de Dark Souls, pero tiene la suficiente confianza e ideas propias como para conseguir asomar su cabeza fuera de ella. Deck13 ha sabido tomar los ingredientes que necesitaba y a partir de ahí ha creado un producto nuevo, con menos aroma de copia y más de homenaje.
Alberto PastorMay 16, 2017
Una buena aventura de acción y rol, desafiante, con combates emocionantes que sorprenden por su dureza. The Surge posee grandes virtudes que lo convierten en un videojuego recomendable. Es más que un simple clon de Dark Souls con ambientación futurista; es un título divertido que por difícil que ponga las cosas, siempre te motiva a seguir adelante, a probar suerte "una vez más", ¡hasta derrotar al enemigo!
Jörg LuiblMay 16, 2017
Die Spielmechanik ist klasse, der Anspruch knackig, die Charakterentwicklung zumindest hinsichtlich der Kampfstile angenehm offen, aber die Spielwelt sowie das Questdesign konnten mich trotz lobenswerter Ansätze nicht fesseln. The Surge ist trotzdem ein richtig gutes Action-Rollenspiel, das hinsichtlich des Nahkampfes mit seinen Trefferzonen sowie der Beute innovative Zeichen setzen kann.
Fabien PellegriniMay 16, 2017
The Surge reprend peu ou prou le principe des Souls et l'adapte à un univers futuriste. Le résultat aurait pu être affreusement générique et sans âme mais, étonnamment, ce n'est pas du tout le cas. Le jeu de Deck13 Interactive possède une véritable personnalité et apporte son petit lot d'innovations au genre.
MrderivMay 17, 2017
Aussi exigeant que gratifiant et malgré un manque global de personnalité côté direction artistique, The Surge ne tombe pas dans le concept réchauffé et parvient à faire pencher la balance du côté de ses qualités évidentes plutôt que ces quelques lacunes. Pari réussi pour le studio allemand qui nous livre donc ici sa propre lecture du genre action-RPG hardocre.
Matteo BussaniMay 16, 2017
The Surge è un titolo che fa della struttura rodata del genere da cui attinge il suo punto di forza. La storia chiara lascia al giocatore la possibilità di inserirsi rapidamente nell’ambientazione distopica e stare al passo con gli avvenimenti, senza perdersi in ricerche e speculazioni eccessive. Il combat-system funziona alla grande, ma purtroppo la ripetitività del grinding, legato al crafting dei pezzi dell’esoscheletro, si fa sentire ben prima della fine dell’avventura, nonostante lasci comunque spazio alla prova di diverse combinazioni di equipaggiamenti.
Gianluca LoggiaMay 16, 2017
Le premesse di The Surge sono buone. Un’ambientazione fantascientifica totalmente inedita per il genere soulslike, un’interessante sistema di sviluppo e personalizzazione del personaggio e una realizzazione tecnica di buon livello, con ottimo supporto per PS4 Pro. A queste buone premesse, però, si affiancano dei limiti derivati dall’approssimazione con cui sono stati curati elementi molto importanti per la buona riuscita di un gioco del genere.
Денис МайоровMay 19, 2017
The Surge отлично выглядит (и работает – технически все просто идеально) и отлично играется – она легко может утянуть на 20-30 часов и ей есть что предложить, если вы решитесь на второй забег. Lords of the Fallen была не самой плохой игрой, но именно после The Surge я буду пристально следить за творчеством Deck 13. И вам советую.
Furkan SakoğluMay 23, 2017
Uzun lafın kısası The Surge, Souls tarzı oyunları seven ancak farklı bir zaman dilimi veya tema görmek isteyen oyuncuların ilgisini çekebilecek bir yapım. Hikaye konusunda ise oldukça zayıf olan The Surge'den bir Dark Souls tarzı derinlik bekleyen oyuncular ise ciddi hayal kırıklığına uğrayabilir. Eğer bu tip bir oyun arayışında iseniz The Surge beklentilerinizi tam olarak karşılayamayacak olsa da sizi bir süre idare edebilir.
Stefan StuursmaMay 16, 2017
Ook grafisch weet de game een goede indruk achter te laten. Omgevingen en effecten ogen mooi, al had er wat meer diversiteit in gegooid mogen worden. Daarbij is het verhaal niet bijster interessant en daar hoef je de game ook niet voor te halen. Dat doe je voor de snelle actie en hoge moeilijkheidsgraad. The Surge is zeker geïnspireerd door Dark Souls, maar weet genoeg anders te doen om een eigen identiteit te creëren.
Czarny WilkMay 16, 2017
Kiedy projekt poziomów nie staje się największym wrogiem odbiorcy, niemiecka produkcja spełnia wszelkie potrzeby fana gier podobnych do Dark Souls, oferując dobrze zrealizowaną znajomą formułę, urozmaiconą przez autorskie rozwiązania oraz otoczkę niespotykaną dotąd w tego typu tytułach. Nie jest to powiew świeżości i klasa wykonania na miarę NiOha, ale i tak fani pozycji „soulslike” nie powinni przejść obok tego dzieła obojętnie.