The Surge 2 for PlayStation 4

The Surge 2

Sep 24, 2019 NEW

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Content Rating: Mature


The action of The Surge 2 is set in a dark universe in the convention of science fiction, in which people have significantly developed technology and started to rely more and more on machines. Unfortunately, creations do not always listen to their creators, sometimes leading to dramatic events.

Critic Reviews

35 Reviews
Billy GivensSep 23, 2019
The Surge 2 builds on what made the original a sleeper hit, but it regrettably maintains some of the visual and design foibles that deserved to be improved on in a second outing.
Todd RigneySep 24, 2019
Despite some technical problems that ultimately sour the experience, The Surge 2 delivers a solid action-RPG adventure that's powered by its dystopian setting and unique combat system.
Callum WilliamsOct 16, 2019
The Surge 2 is a satisfyingly challenging game with fluid, fast and intense combat that rewards players investment. It’s not going to change the minds of Soulsborne detractors, but it’s got enough smart, unique features and interesting evolutions of the genre’s systems to put it on the radar of its fans. It’s far from a FromSoftware level game, but it’s a worthy alternative with a lot to offer.

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