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Stephen WildsMar 26, 2019
The Messenger is an enjoyable experience that I had trouble putting down a couple of times, but most of that wanderlust came from the first half of the game and a few key points in the second half. I rode a dragon! For a package like this, though, it is hard not to recommend it fervently, even if I have a few problems with how it stretched out or worry it may not be for some.
Stephen TailbyMar 19, 2019
The Messenger is a rock solid action platformer that balances out its retro stylings with modern touches and brilliantly slick controls. Blasting through the lengthy story is compelling, as new story beats and abilities are thrown into the mix. It perhaps flies a little too close to the sun later on as you hunt down the final few collectibles, but by and large, it's a cloud-stepping joy. Fans of 2D action games should have a blast with this, and that's a message we're happy to pass along.
Justin PrinslooApr 20, 2019
The Messenger is a unique and enjoyable 2D platformer with a strong personality and exciting gameplay, and its fine-tuned appearance on the PS4 is a welcome one. The first half of the game is worthy of unfettered praise, but the experience takes a hefty blow at the halfway point from a failed attempt at expanding the scope. This aside, it remains a lovingly conceived game and is well worth playing through on this basis, but its flaws prevent it from going down as a true classic.
GameCentralMar 21, 2019
The Messenger doesn’t get everything right but thanks to its imagination and enthusiasm it’s almost impossible to dislike. The level design is also hugely impressive, with multiple routes through each section depending on what abilities you use and whether you pursue optional rewards along the way. The very clear message is that Sabotage is an indie developer to watch and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next, whether it involves ninjas or not.
John-Paul JonesMar 22, 2019
Resolutely challenging without ever being unfair, frequently gut-bustingly humorous and stuffed with all manner of unexpected twists and turns, The Messenger one of the most essential platformers on PS4. It really is that simple.
Alberto PastorMar 22, 2019
Es tradicional, sí, un juego casi de otra época, pero también una aventura de acción y plataformas que busca innovar, que quiere sorprender, y lo consigue con un emocionante videojuego que va más allá de ser un simple homenaje a Ninja Gaiden. Con un gran diseño de niveles, fantásticos combates contra jefazos y un trepidante ritmo de la acción, The Messenger es uno de esos títulos que no deberías dejar escapar.
Gianni MolinaroMar 19, 2019
Outre pour son aspect rétro en deux temps (8 et 16 bits) et ses mélodies entraînantes, il force l'admiration par son gameplay parfaitement huilé, bourré de petites idées qui vont de pair avec un level-design bien pensé. On déplorera seulement que son rythme batte de l'aile dès lors qu'il se mue en Metroidvania, forçant à des allers-retours parfois barbants, et que son bestiaire souffre d'un certain manque de variété. Il n'en reste pas moins un titre qui va droit au but, à faire.