The Long Reach for PS4

The Long Reach (PS4)

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Calm down. This is all normal. Well, it’s a new normal. There was a malfunction that we can’t fix yet, but with your help I can make symptoms bearable. We’re all in the same boat here and should help each other. I’m Shelly, a lead scientist in General Education research facility. The job title is longer, but it’s not important. Here’s what I know so far, though. The experience-sharing program that we were studying went haywire. Maybe it’s that black box, maybe something else. The main symptom for you is that your nightmares and dreams no longer require sleeping to manifest. These hallucinations are all in your subconscious. It turns out that given enough time with it, we go insane. But we can fix that.
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Dual Shockers


While it doesn’t do anything that’s new gameplay-wise, I found the narrative to be intriguing throughout and worth sitting through to the end. I’d say the game is best experienced on a big screen, with speakers or a headset that’ll make each scenario feel all the tenser. I can’t imagine the experience would be nearly as compelling on-the-go with the Switch version. While it’s by no means the best the genre has to offer, this adventure is definitely one that’s worth checking out.

Jordan Boyd Mar 15, 2018

PS Universe


What The Long Reach may occasionally lack in originality, it more than makes up for in inventiveness, personality, and bubbling slow-burn horror chills. This is a well-written, atmospheric horror adventure, and it deserves your attention.

Neil Bolt Mar 13, 2018



Una interesante apuesta por el survival horror con algunos puzles más propios de aventuras gráficas que del terror, que gustará bastante a los fans de ambos géneros.

Juan Rubio Mar 19, 2018


The Long Reach part d'une bonne intention, à savoir mélanger point'n'click et jeu d'horreur, mais celle-ci est mal appliquée. Son scénario n'est pas assez accrocheur, son ambiance pseudo-horrifique ne prend pas vraiment aux tripes, et quelques bugs viendront en plus gâcher l'expérience.

Angel Davila Apr 09, 2018