The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

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Chris BowmanJun 10, 2019
Overall, the differences between the PC and PS4 ports are minuscule. The game plays very well on both with little to no lag. This title is now available for $49.99 USD and released on the PlayStation 4 on June 4th, while the PC version has been available since 2018. If you want to play a good JRPG series for less than the price of a new 60.00 game, then these are the games you want to play. Good story, great graphics, and well thought out characters.
James PaleyMar 27, 2019
On the other hand, the mechanical elements are a sumptuous feast. There’s just so much to do at any given moment. Better still, these systems are handed to you at a steady pace, one that allows you to take in so much more than you could otherwise. This game is a lot to take in, but rest assured that Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is worth your time.
Joseph Doyle Aug 09, 2019
The narrative is winding and confusing, the characters are off-putting, and the visuals are a sore sight for the eyes. While the music and gameplay show some glimmers of promise, they ultimately end up feeling lifeless and overcomplicated, respectively. At the end of the day, Trails of Cold Steel II ends up feeling like a middle-of-the-road shonen anime that's a little too scatter-brained, and you have to slog through the off-screen battles.
RobotsFightingDinosaursMar 26, 2019
The game's well-written and the voice acting is passable, but you'll find the occasional typo. Some of the side missions are pretty great in terms of scope, and some require you to get cold medicine for a priest too lazy to get it himself. It's a mixed bag, like most of the best JRPGs are.
Lucas WhiteJun 03, 2019
Regardless of its tragic lack of special features, Trails of Cold Steel II is, like the one before it, an incredible game and must for JRPG fans. With Trails of Cold Steel III on the way, anyone who loves to get lost in long-winded storytelling, extensive world-building, and friends gushing to each other about their feelings needs to give this series a whirl. And now’s the perfect time, with both of the first games finally on PS4. Class VII’s story is far from over, but now you can dive in on your current hardware.
Lucas RivarolaMar 26, 2019
In the end, I can’t give enough praise to Trails of Cold Steel. It is an excellent port of an excellent game that finally arrives to a modern console. If for some reason you don’t have a PC that can run it, then this is the version to play. It’s extremely easy to recommend this game to anyone, whether they play RPGs or not, and it is also a good first step into the Trails series, which is well worth your time.
Gregory WrightJun 17, 2019
Overall, if you've played and enjoyed the first game in the series, getting Trails of Cold Steel II is a no-brainer. You're going to love it. If you've never played the series, however, this sequel might not be the right place to start. It's pretty easy to say that the PS4 port is the definitive version with enhanced graphics, sounds, and all DLC included with it.
Robert RamseyMar 26, 2019
If you're a fan of Japanese RPGs and you missed out on Trails of Cold Steel the first time around, we can't recommend this PS4 port enough. Between its brilliant world building and fantastic cast of characters, this is a slow-burning story that refuses to let you go. While the game does plod at points, it's hard not to sit back and appreciate just how much effort has gone into making this world feel so rich and interesting.
Justin PrinslooAug 10, 2019
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is a fun JRPG that has a lot to offer the patient player. It doesn't take as long to get off the ground as its predecessor but its complexly woven narrative nevertheless makes it a slow burn. For those who weather that burn, however, satisfaction on an unprecedented scale awaits. Not even the mechanical issues can overshadow just how fantastic the story of Cold Steel II is, how rich the world is, and how compelling the characters are. This is a must-play for those who enjoy jumping into a game for the long haul.
Jessica RobinsonJun 22, 2019
Trails of Cold Steel II is a marvelous addition to the series. It carries the tone of the original perfectly, continuing a saga that sees its third installment hit later this year, while at the same time delivering an exciting story all of its own.
Mikhail MadnaniJul 16, 2019
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II on PS4 is the best value proposition for this game on any platform. It is a massive improvement over the PS3 and PS Vita version and it even includes some unexpected things like dual audio. XSEED Games definitely went the extra mile for this release not only in terms of game content, but also for the physical release. It is disappointing that the performance issues will not be fixed, but this is still the best way to play the game on console.
GameCentralJun 06, 2019
Although it really is advisable that you start with the first one, Trails Of Cold Steel II is still one of the best traditional Japanese role-players of the current generation. Admittedly that’s not up against much competition but it’s a godsend for existing fans and a useful example to others of what the genre still has to offer today.
Eric HauterMar 26, 2019
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a sprawling epic of a game. With satisfying combat, incredibly well defined characters, and enough story to satisfy the most demanding visual novel fan, Trails of Cold Steel has earned its place in the JRPG Hall of Fame. It’s time to call it like it is: Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a classic.
Timothy NunesJun 03, 2019
This is the best way to play The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. Visuals remain relatively the same as the PS3 version, albeit upscaled to higher resolution. The biggest changes come from perfect performance and Turbo Mode. Both add the kind of quality-of-life an epic-sized RPG such as this needs in order to feel as fresh as the first time you played it.
A.J. MaciejewskiJul 09, 2019
This PS4 iteration of Trails of Cold Steel II is such an impressive improvement over the PS3 version that it's worth picking up a copy even if you already own it on PS3. Plus, the Relentless Edition physical extras will feel right at home for fans of the series.
Ramón VarelaJun 23, 2019
Un genial RPG por turnos que ningún fan al rol debería perderse, aunque la versión de PS4 no presenta muchas novedades.
Aaron RodriguezAug 15, 2019
Trails of Cold Steel II es, a efectos prácticos, una entrega mucho más completa en todos los aspectos que su predecesor tanto por el desarrollo de su historia como por la evolución de sus personajes, sus mecánicas jugables y añadidos varios que hacen que el conjunto proporcione una experiencia única. Si bien en ciertos aspectos es mejorable, especialmente en el tema gráfico y teniendo en cuenta que el juego está en inglés, no deja de ser un juego notable que gustará tanto a los fans de la serie como del propio género y que servirá de incentivo hasta la llegada del tercer capítulo de esta subsaga a finales del próximo mes de octubre.
Jens BischoffJun 05, 2019
Auch der Weg ans Ziel lässt sich freizügiger gestalten. Viele Aufgaben bleiben optional, der Schwierigkeitsgrad individuell anpassbar. Nur hinsichtlich Technik und Lokalisierung besteht nach wie vor Nachholbedarf. Doch davon sollte man sich das Anime-Epos der Ys-Macher, das im Herbst auch im Westen endlich in die dritte Runde geht, nicht vermiesen lassen.
Jonathan BushleJun 04, 2019
Bref, si vous n'aviez pas franchi le pas sur la précédente génération de consoles, vous avez là une belle porte d'entrée vers le troisième épisode, un J-RPG un peu lourd dans sa narration mais qui possède quelques belles idées, notamment dans son système de combat. Par contre, si vous l'avez déjà dans votre collection... Rien ne vous poussera à l'achat.
DottorKillexJun 04, 2019
Più libero a livello narrativo dai vincoli di world building e di introduzione di un complesso mondo e di decine di personaggi rispetto al primo capitolo, The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II ne mantiene intatta l’ossatura portante, ma colpisce ancora di più nel segno con una serie di colpi di scena ben congegnati.