The Last of Us: Part II

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Feb 26, 2021


Feb 25, 2021


Feb 22, 2021
Amine Triande

Amine Triande

Feb 10, 2021
Anas Abujad

Anas Abujad

Feb 9, 2021

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Feb 25, 2021

best game ever

Feb 5, 2021

This game is, in my opinion, the best PS4 game out there right now. This action-adventure, third-person perspective game developed by Naughty Dog is just amazing. It’s an extremely violent experience that might shock some. The graphics are excellent, the details are crisp and the character’s expressions are amazing. You go through this world where nature has taken back what man once claimed and the details, the shadows, the lighting are just sublime. I played the game with my headphones which brought the sounds to a whole new level, I suggest you try it. The fact that you play two stories, Ellie and Abby It’s entertaining. The two stories are so good that I couldn’t pick a favorite and they’re both in conflict so it gave me good emotions. As in the previous game, you get to improvise weapons and use stealth a lot. I loved the controls, they are so smooth it enhances play. The Game is excellent overall plus it won the Game of the Year award for 2020. I definitely recommend

the game, it’s a must-play!

Jan 30, 2021

A game that divided a Fanbase, The Last of Us Part II delivers a bold and compelling story that reach a highest standard on storytelling and a gameplay that never really change but added mechanics that combined as a Whole Game that is UNFORGETTABLE and Going to be talked for years to come

Jan 31, 2021

The thing is ppl dont know why they're mad, they're mad bc joel died and they let u to play with the killer

sad enough.

but what if the last of us part 1 was about Abby and Lev?

it would be the same thing here hating joel for killing abby

this game is perfect.

Jan 11, 2021

to much story.

Dec 19, 2020

Mind blown and emotionally drained. I went from part one straight into part two. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I am thankful for the plot. Its nice to see our community represented in amazing stories. The artistry, graphics, story, gameplay....definitely deserving of GOTY.

Dec 13, 2020

bad games because of the developers' ethical malfeasance

Nov 15, 2020

If you have a ps4 and do not own this title as of yet do yourself a favour and get it! This is in my opinion the best game of 2020 I have played so far and easily the contender for game of the year. Unpopular opinion but part 2 is better than part 1 ☺


Gameplay (9/10)

Graphics&Visuals (10/10)

Ellie is bada** (10/10)

Amazing crafting&upgrade system (8/10)

Enemies more challenging, infected, wolves, scars etc. (10/10)

Locations are pretty decent (7/10)

Only witness 1 bug throughout the game (9/10)


Story, Story, Story (1/10)

Ellie is on rampage& revenge mission pretty whole game(1/10)

Clickers detect you when they shouldn't (5/10)

Done Joel dirty, he's insignificant in part two (1/10)

Naming all NPC's like I cared who I killed (3/10)

Letting you play as Abbie and try to make you care for her (2/10)


A good game I actually enjoyed it more than I did part 1 tbh. But I know naughty dog can do better but it actually makes me feel hopfull and excited because if more people agree with my negative points theres a chance part 3 comes out on ps5 and they actually make the whole story better. This game is not perfect, it is definitely not what it should be in my eyes still something to enjoy and definitely should be picked up.

Sep 30, 2020

An amazing story with nostalgic combat and a sad story about forgiveness. This story might be my favorite GOTY and possibly the generation but thats up to debate for now. Tlou2 made sure to come back stronger than ever with new combat and engaging story.

Sep 17, 2020

awesome gameplay but story is disappointing

Sep 3, 2020

Best revenge story this game made a lot of scene's and boy o boy a lot of players is hating it (A those who didint play it (B about the lesbian content (C the death of charecter(JOEL)

Aug 27, 2020


Jul 27, 2020

only good at gameplay, not the story

Jul 26, 2020

(In my opinion)

Story: The story is a very emotionally draining one and you will come out of it feeling sad to some degree but when you process and really think about it, it is a very powerful and amazing piece of art. Summarised it was amazing but can be depressing.

Gameplay: The gameplay has been improved upon from the first game with improved combat mechanics, new ways to engage in combat, the new prone position and jumping. To be honest even though its better then the first game its still a bit frustrating at times.

Visuals: Amazing, the best ever, breath taking, nothing can compare, mind blowing.

Other: There were some bugs that I came across during my play through but they once and far between.

Jul 19, 2020

Not perfect, it has its flaws, but overall the story telling and gameplay makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Jul 13, 2020

Awful and naive story and characters, fierce SJW agenda pushing and also pretty average gameplay mechanics. But also probably the best graphics I have ever seen in a game. But the story and the agenda pushing are simply so awful that I can’t give a better score than 5.50.

Jul 18, 2020

This game make deep emotional feelings in me...its such a masterpiece

Jul 17, 2020

Outside of a few graphical highlights, this dour helping of murder porn and bad writing left me either bored or cringing at every turn.

Its story "surprises" made little sense and seem played for shock value, alone.

I honestly looked back at my time with the game and thought....Why would anyone think that was the story people wanted to see?

I truly believe, if you took away all the tribal politicking, this game would be as universally unpopular as Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Its not fun. Its not interesting. Its not a story i cared one iota about. It felt like season 12 of a once great show, you stopped watching after season go back to check in and its become an explosion of least common denominator moments begging for attention, and grasping for a modicum of the relevance that it believes it deserves......but doesnt.

A disappointment in every way. Glad its over and behind me forever.

Jul 17, 2020

This is a narrative masterpiece.

Jul 17, 2020

It's a meh game rubbish story just wasn't really impressed overall

Jul 7, 2020

The Last of us Part 2 is in many ways another great video game from Naughty dog. Although it has its negatives there are good things to point out. Stunning visuals, beautiful scenery. Best acting and motion capture in the industry. Amazing animations and immersive and satisfying gameplay. Apart from this there is the bad pacing and weird placement of events. As well as undeveloped characters and doubtful decisions by the writers with the characters choices in game. Respect to the developers for trying something different and telling the story they wanted to tell. But in the end right choices weren't made and the direction the game took wasn't successful.

Jul 7, 2020

Thrilling! Love the buff women.

Jul 1, 2020

Highly disappointed, I would be more happy if the game didn't exist.

Jul 1, 2020

The game has some decent mechanics and some impressive visuals. The downside is somewhat crappy AI. There were some pretty cool AI that whistle to communicate with other AI to give a more intelligent and a bit more depth to the gameplay but got pretty stale and just another part of the routine within the game itself. The story tho just ruined the game so the part where I played as aBbY got so pathetically bad that I had to get my friend to play for me as I keep killing the in-game character over and over again. Overall I believe the story is poorly written and gameplay isn't really groundbreaking which it isn't supposed to be, the story was. Somehow they manage to make the gameplay the somewhat highlight of this game.

Jun 21, 2020

Disappointing. This game shouldn't have existed in the first place. The purpose of the game is make you feel bad and miserable for doing things.

The story in this game is what you call as messed up. I honestly don't what did they plan on doing? They even make us kill a dog which was fine but later they make you feel bad for it. They negatives in this game destroys any positive that exists.

The game actively tries to make you make miserable and sad. And in this situation the world is right now in, you will get depressed if you haven't already.

Jun 19, 2020

Awesome, visuals, audio and graphics are so good. Unlike part 1 this game is bigger, more detailed, longer, darker and more brutal. In part 2 we continue seeing Ellie’s and Joel’s relationship.....

I’ve heard that many don’t see the story so good but I personally think gameplay wise it’s so much better, the story maybe isn’t that good as part 1 but it’s interesting how naughty dog focuses more on the gameplay itself rather than the story. The story was already so good in part 1 and I think there wasn’t more to tell about, I think naughty dog made the right decision to not focus on the story that much this time

Jun 25, 2020

This really bad after waiting for 7years and finally 30hours to finished this game, I feel sick and disgusting the game forcing player doing something unlike, nightmare. Although graphic and gameplay not bad but I’d not really enjoying it actually. They can doing this better and they just don’t. Is more like revenge part 1 all main characters more than revenge story. I get nothing with this game, no hope no message no happiness no feeling no ending, just empty all the time even all character with no soul, not logical. Yes it deserve some gamer/media rate as 10/10 of cause, but also this deserve some gamer to rate 0/10 as well (They just don’t f*****g accept, no they don’t ). 1 for graphic 1 for gameplay, nothing much or more on this game. Respect The Last Of Us(not f*****g part2) to given me touching and unforgettable memories, RIP

Jun 25, 2020

This is purely a masterpiece. Shame on the crybabies who didn't get what they wanted. Noboby got what they wanted, it's basically the plot of this game. Thanks for the LGBT+ representation and for not putting the classical women dumbasses that male gamers seem very fond about ! Thank you for the emotional investment, the tears and the sheer joy this game offered me.

Jun 24, 2020

Why people enjoy hating on this game so much, I don't know. What I do know is that this game, while it has flaws, is nothing short of amazing. The level of detail to little things that don't even need to be there, the heart-clenching dialogue and performances, and overall feel of the game is amazing. That’s not even to touch on the amazing combat in this game. While playing the games you can feel the passion that the devs put into this game to make it what it is. I'm sure half of the negative reviewers never even touched the game. I understand that some fans are upset about the route they took with the story this time but you have to see it on its own. The first game was charming, happy, and made you smile. This game, while it has its happy moments, shows the darker side of people’s choices and creates a more solemn and dark feeling throughout the game that makes you tear up more so than smile compared to the first game. Don't listen to all the hate, buy it, and try it for yourself before hating on an excellent AAA sequel to a beloved game.

Jun 23, 2020

The game in itself was great and i enjoyed it, but when the second part of it started it just went down and down. Abby side was compleatly useless to the story and i think it should ended in the Teather part where you fight Abby as Ellie, and then just show The part with farm house.

Gameplay 7/10

Story 1/10(Before abby 8/10)

Ending (0/10) compleatly unsatysfied with it

The last part with their fight was(Abby vs Ellie) in the water was unnecessary.

Jun 23, 2020

While the first TLOU is one of my favorite games, part 2 is disappointed in term of story. It’s not about what’s happened but how it happened and the narrative is poor and pointless. However due to the great gameplay, sound and graphic, this is still an OK game.

Jun 22, 2020

I know this game isn't for everyone but for me it was amazing experience cause I never played the first one could never get into it for some reason I'm not gonna spoil the game for anyone but I say you should at least give it a try, The buck approve

Jun 22, 2020

Graphics 10/10 Gameplay 9/10 Story 8/10 Tnks Naughty Dog <3

M Naji
Jun 19, 2020

A truly shit game with a shit story and a shit ending. Totally not worth it. I give it a 6 because of the gameplay and the flashbacks with Joel

Jun 20, 2020

Near perfect graphics, gameplay, atmosphere, immersion. Not the best story, but good story telling.

Jun 19, 2020

Truly a masterpiece! Definitely gonna be the Game of the Year!!!