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Giuseppe NelvaDec 14, 2016
Ultimately, The Last Guardian is as much an emotional, involving experience as it is a game. Actually scratch that: it’s more an emotional experience than it is a game. It aims to make the player feel invested into the relationship and budding fondness between the boy and Trico much more than it relies on gameplay elements. It is, without a doubt, one of the games closest to a true art masterpiece that I ever experienced.
Philip KollarDec 05, 2016
In its best moments, The Last Guardian pulls off feats that could only be done on modern hardware; at its weakest, it's not just "like a PlayStation 2 game," but like a particularly rough, unpolished PlayStation 2 game, one that recalls the legacy of its forebears, but can't quite recreate it.
Tom OrryDec 05, 2016
For some The Last Guardian's iffy controls, awkward camera, and glitches might be hard to overcome. Others won't care as they experience one of the most incredible relationships in video game history.
Jeremy PeeplesDec 05, 2016
Newcomers will want to come in with an open mind for exploration and puzzle-solving, but if they do, they will be rewarded with the finest gaming experience yet on the PlayStation 4. Its sense of scale is unmatched and it features the best graphics yet on the console. Minor flaws do exist, but they don’t detract from the overall experience enough to make it anything less than a masterpiece.
Jim SterlingDec 05, 2016
I wish I could say I love the game, that its plagued by only minor setbacks, but I cannot honestly do that. I can’t look back at how much time was spent not enjoying myself, at how much time was spent actively wrestling with the game to wring anything worthwhile from it, and say I played the masterpiece many are going to say it is.
Jason FanelliDec 23, 2016
The Last Guardian is an interesting and frustrating game that can’t decide if it wants to be modern or retro, and that constant argument brings the entire experience down a notch. While I was willing to deal with the limits of the previous era to enjoy the perks of the current one, I can understand where others might grow weary of the experience.
Kyle HansonDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian is a marvelous achievement in a number of ways. Its story is subtle, but beautiful. Its world is fascinating and mysterious. And Trico will go down as one of the best characters ever made for a video game. Players are in for a wonderful treat, but that quality comes at a cost. The game struggles to run well at times, and the controls can be a chore.
Becky CunninghamDec 05, 2016
There is artistry behind The Last Guardian's concept, but in stumbles in execution, creating a journey that is far less fascinating than the relationship that lies at its story's core.
Marty SlivaDec 05, 2016
The divide between the highs and lows of The Last Guardian is staggering. For every wonderful moment of absolute beauty and emotional attachment to its lifelike companion, there’s an equal and opposite baffling moment that ruins the mood with frustrating controls and camera angles. But I found myself willing to put up with all of these hiccups if it meant experiencing any of its multitude of incredibly-beautiful moments.
Dave AubreyDec 17, 2016
The Last Guardian takes you on an experience to see and feel things that no other game can. Essential for anyone who wants to see a game which pushes boundaries and genres.
Peter BrownDec 05, 2016
The resulting shift to PlayStation 4 has obviously paid off--troubled moments aside, your journey is dominated by awe-inspiring architecture and natural wonder. As you weave in and out of caves and ruins, you're treated to wide views of towers and bridges in the distance that you may never visit, but they live on in your imagination as you piece together the story and world around you.
Chris CarterDec 05, 2016
Like Team Ico's past work, talking about The Last Guardian too much inherently drifts into spoiler territory, but we have years to unpack this. For now, I'm confident in saying that although it isn't their best work, there really aren't too many directors out there like Fumito Ueda, and I hope for our sake, he continues making games.
Georgina YoungDec 27, 2016
Overall, The Last Guardian is a real standout title. The gameplay is innovative and complex. The story is deep and touching. The characters and relationships are perfectly developed. The visual breathtaking and the sound design on point. It’s not perfect, as certain aspects still needed some ironing out. It’s also not for those looking for fast-paced thrills. However, it is a beautiful story that is brilliantly told through the medium of games.
Emma SchaeferDec 05, 2016
A heartwarming story, a mysterious world, and a slowly-growing bond between two unlikely companions ensure that fans of Team Ico’s past work won’t be disappointed. Clunky controls and a handful of graphical issues, however, mean that The Last Guardian may not be an enjoyable game for everyone—though, either way, Trico is adorable.
Jeremy ParishDec 05, 2016
Playing The Last Guardian reminds me a lot of playing Half-Life games: The actual moment-to-moment of working my way through the game involves an enormous amount of frustration and annoyance... but when I look back at it, all I see are the happy memories of the experience. That's due in large part to the incredible design of Trico, and also to the spectacular emotive ending. Make no mistake, though, you will want to tear your hair out throughout your journey with Trico... but patient players will find the payoff justifies the suffering.
Sean MeslerDec 11, 2016
When “The End” appeared on my screen I wiped the mist from eyes, stood up and said to myself, “I loved that”. Unlike anything I have ever played before, if you own a PS4 and have a soft spot for animals, give The Last Guardian a try. You might come away as pleased as I was that this game exists and that you were able to experience it.
Matt LieblDec 05, 2016
It can be argued that no game is worth waiting 10 years for, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Guardian. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is an enjoyable, impactful story worthy of experiencing.
Richard WalkerDec 18, 2016
Failing to live up to the legacy of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian is nonetheless a remarkable game that will live on in the memory long after you've finished it, in spite of its technical foibles. The Last Guardian is a unique and captivating experience that everyone with a PlayStation 4 owes it to themselves to play.
Joe JubaDec 05, 2016
All that time resulted in a polished emotional core that redeems the experience, because ultimately The Last Guardian isn’t about pulling switches or leaping over gaps. It’s about your smile when you see Trico doing something silly, your compassion when you watch it struggle, and your relief when the creature shows up at just the right time.
James KozanitisDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian is a frustrating experience, and I'm not talking about its difficulty. While the game is hard, that is more than welcome in a puzzle platformer, a genre no stranger to the easy, cinematic throwaway set pieces.
Daniel BloodworthDec 06, 2016
Jeff GrubbDec 05, 2016
I’m glad that Sony saw this one through. The publisher could’ve canceled it even in the face of fan hype, but it stuck with Team Ico and gave The Last Guardian a chance to wow fans. The final product doesn’t feel like a 2016 game. Instead, it’s this strange adventure that invites you to get lost in its world. I love that, and I think anyone who loved Team Ico’s previous games will appreciate what they find here.
Shawn PetraschukDec 11, 2016
If you can go into The Last Guardian with an understanding that its most important piece is the story of the boy and Trico then you will adore it. If you’re the type to trumpet gameplay over narrative no matter what then you’ll have a hard time forgiving this game its plethora of quirks. Regardless of The Last Guardian’s AAA billing, it’s very much a niche game that’s not for everyone but I feel that those of you who choose to spend time with it will undoubtedly be pulled in by its magic.
Anthony SeverinoDec 05, 2016
When the journey comes to an end, you’ll find yourself in shock, emotionally-drained, and appreciative The Last Guardian stayed in development this long and still made it to release. The entire game’s pace is perfect. The difficulty and challenge is high, and completely reliant on how observant and explorative the player is. Every section of the game is stunningly gorgeous – a real work of art. The gameplay is pure perfection (aside for some clunky controls).
Rashid SayedDec 06, 2016
Physics have been revamped which means objects and water effects react more realistically to in-game actions. Trico’s visual fidelity is absolutely superb. It perhaps represents the next big leap in animation technology in video games…be its subtle movements, taking a leap or facial gestures, whoever designed Trico absolutely nailed it. In the end The Last Guardian is worth the wait. It follows the tried and tested formula of its predecessors and takes it a step ahead with Trico. Team ICO is no more and genDESIGN and Sony may never work on a spiritual successor together, but one thing is for sure. The Last Guardian is the kind of game you won’t forget for a long time.
Jae LeeDec 05, 2016
Saying that the wait has been long to finally get our hands on the Last Guardian is the understatement of the century, but I can state without hesitation that the wait has been more than worth it. The awe-inspiring living creature that is Trico carries this title, which would have otherwise just been a good puzzle platformer into an instant classic that I’m sure to visit time and time again, just to say hello to my new best buddy, one more time.
GameCentralDec 05, 2016
Not quite up to the same standards of its predecessors, but this is still an emotionally draining and beautifully realised story of friendship against the odds. Trico is an absolute delight and a breakthrough achievement in animation and game design. Clever level layout, beautiful artwork, and an unforgettable ending.
Chris WhiteDec 05, 2016
The world is stunning, the bond between the boy and Trico is a beautiful example of love and friendship, and the story is gripping, it’s just a shame there are so many technical issues holding it back.
Jim HargreavesDec 05, 2016
All round, The Last Guardian feels meticulously pieced together and is easily one of the PlayStation 4’s stronger exclusive titles. It’s risky and unconventional, flouting modern design practices in a way that few other AAA game would dare to in 2016. Although far from perfect and a little worn from age, it’s a one of a kind experience and hopefully won’t be the last we see from Fumito Ueda and this enchanting world.
Ricardo C. EstevesDec 05, 2016
By being short, and not including any kind of replay value, The Last Guardian is the kind of experience that is easy to recommend when the price is right. So if you've waited 10 years for it, maybe you can wait a little longer. If not, at least there's a short lived but memorable experience awaiting you.
Oscar TKJan 09, 2017
The Last Guardian is a gorgeous experience from beginning to end. The Last Guardian is an uncompromising vision, one that not only stands up next to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, but stands tall, building not only on lessons learned developing those games, but bold new innovations and inspirations from impressive games. While it does sometimes suffer from technical issues, The Last Guardian is an incredible achievement. It’s every bit worthy of its pedigree, and is a journey that’ll stay with you long after you put the controller down.
David LovatoDec 15, 2016
The development team's vision was clear, if the execution was a little lacking, and the final product doesn't feel like one that should've taken ten years to hit shelves, but The Last Guardian is still an achievement in both storytelling and game development that gamers shouldn't miss out on.
Sammy BarkerDec 08, 2016
The Last Guardian is a modern masterpiece, and a worthy addition to Team ICO's already flawless track record. Some will be unable to look past the mechanical shortcomings, but they'll be missing out on one of the most meaningful and truly original experiences in years.
gamesTMJan 27, 2017
Provided you can form a strong enough bond with Trico that the curtain never drops to reveal the rusty old cogs that make the game tick, The Last Guardian is a beautiful and unique experience. But the second anything causes that curtain to budge, it becomes clear that it just isn’t very good at the fundamentals of videogame mechanics, and the beast is slain.
Kyle PrahlDec 05, 2016
Despite colossal expectations, The Last Guardian is a triumph. The tale of Trico and the boy is profound—a beautiful, affecting journey grounded by their relationship.
Cody OrmeDec 05, 2016
Somewhere underneath the broken gameplay and terrible camera controls lies a lot of potential for a great game.
Daniel RutledgeDec 09, 2016
The Last Guardian can be frustrating gameplay-wise, but the connection you'll feel to its beautifully-realised yet intractable companion creature leaves no room in your heart for such concerns. Somehow, this game was worth the wait.
Rafael AznarDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian tiene ciertos fallos técnicos y algunas mecánicas bruscas, pero es una experiencia única, tan bella como las de ICO y Shadow of the Colossus, juegos de los que es digno heredero. Es un juego ‘de antes’, pero lanzado en 2016, en el mejor de los sentidos. Si lo adoptas, Trico te tocará el corazón.
Pep SànchezDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian no es tan puro como ICO ni tan apoteósico como Shadow of the Colossus, pero se apoya en la magia de ambos para contar su propio cuento. Conviene, como pasó con los anteriores, leerlo despacito y tomar nota, sabiendo que mañana mismo será tan influyente como irrepetible. Justo lo que se esperaba. El final feliz para nuestra particular Historia Interminable.
DefaDec 05, 2016
Recomendarlo a alguien que nunca le ha entrado a uno de estos juegos o que sólo disfruta de las súper producciones modernas AAA, sí es algo que me cuesta mucho más trabajo. Como sea, te podría decir que si sientes curiosidad, lo deberías de checar en algún momento.
Jorge CanoDec 05, 2016
No nos hace falta darle una nota sobresaliente o hacer la vista gorda a sus defectos para recomendar The Last Guardian, porque es un juego tan único, tan especial, que cualquier amante de este tipo de aventuras debe jugarlo. Como han hecho a propósito algunos juegos de los últimos años, volver a fórmulas antiguas o casi olvidadas es una buena manera de ofrecer algo único y vigente hoy en día.
Juan GarciaDec 05, 2016
Desde los primeros momentos al cierre de The Last Guardian vivimos un viaje dentro y fuera del juego, dentro conoces, educas y llegas a sentir a ese bendito y gigantesco animal como tuyo. Fuera el viaje es el mismo como jugador, creciendo también con ese aprendizaje.
FranchuzasDec 05, 2016
Quiere que corramos por la hierba, que acariciemos a nuestro compañero en el lomo, y que perdamos algunos instantes mirando hacia lo lejos, preguntándonos qué nos espera en aquellas lejanas torres que se levantan entre la bruma, o cómo haremos para llegar hasta ellas. Puede que la aventura de Trico y su pequeño amigo no sea perfecta, pero desde luego sí es de las que llevará tiempo olvidar. Más incluso del que hemos estado esperando por ella, y ya es decir.
Jorge ArellanoDec 05, 2016
No sé cómo concluir mi apreciación de The Last Guardian. De entrada, es el juego más significativo que he jugado en el año. Aunque se nota su edad y que pertenece a la generación pasada, tiene elementos de diseño molestos y puede llegar a ser frustrante, aporta algo único y especial a los videojuegos. Me hizo sentir: eso es más de lo que pueden presumir muchos juegos de esta generación. Su valor reside en su valiente visión para comunicar su mensaje único —casi anacrónico— en una marea contemporánea de explosiones, estridencia y rituales de violencia. The Last Guardian es una pausa.
Álvaro CastellanoDec 05, 2016
Trico se convertirá en un personaje inolvidable para la historia de los videojuegos en mayor medida incluso de lo que se recordará a The Last Guardian. El nuevo trabajo de Fumito Ueda tiene todos los elementos que dotan de identidad a las obras anteriores del estudio, pero también tiene algunas de las aristas que habitualmente les quedan sin pulir.
Alexander SchneiderDec 05, 2016
Die Geschichte von The Last Guardian ist emotional, dramatisch und hat auch herzallerliebste Momente, in denen sich zwischen den beiden Figuren eine echte Freundschaft entwickelt. Es wäre die perfekte, zauberhafte Geschichte zur Weihnachtszeit, die jeder Playstation 4-Besitzer gespielt haben sollte, wenn sich die technischen Schwächen nicht wie eine tiefe, schmerzhafte Wunde durch das gesamte Spiel ziehen würden.
Jörg LuiblDec 07, 2016
Ich verneige mich vor Fumito Ueda. Er hat mit Trico ein lebendiges Wesen voller Charakter erschaffen. Viel zu oft werden Pionierleistungen in der Spielebranche an der Technik festgemacht - an größer, schneller, prächtiger. Dabei entsteht die wahre Magie hinter dem Offensichtlichen, wenn eine künstlerische Vision über den kreativen Geist ihre Gestalt annehmen kann. Und Trico ist für mich die faszinierendste Gestalt der Videospielgeschichte.
Benjamin BetauxDec 05, 2016
Le jeu offre un voyage inoubliable marquée par cette relation si attachante et si forte entre le héros et Trico. Malgré la simplicité du jeu, le comportement quasi humain de la bête et l’impression de faiblesse du héros renforcent ce sentiment d'être nous-même perdu dans ce gigantesque temple abandonné, où explorer tous les recoins des niveaux est le seul moyen de progresser dans l’aventure.
la_redactionDec 05, 2016
Si le jeu sait se montrer touchant, il reste aussi terriblement frustrant car prisonnier d'un gameplay mal calibré et d'une IA beaucoup trop capricieuse induite non pas par l'aspect sauvage de Trico mais bel et bien par des scripts récalcitrants. Nous étions en droit d'attendre un vent de poésie, nous n'aurons finalement droit qu'à une brise de légèreté et d'originalité fortement teintée de nervosité.
Matthieu HurelDec 05, 2016
La marque des grandes histoires d'amour se niche dans tout ce qu'on peut y pardonner. Une règle qui s'applique également aux oeuvres d'artisans ou d'artistes - à supposer qu'il existe une réelle différence entre les deux - et donc aux jeux vidéo. Avec The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda et le Japan Studio de Sony livrent leur ultime histoire d'amour, aussi mouvementée que son développement mais tout aussi marquante que les deux précédentes.
Gianni MolinaroDec 05, 2016
La montagne reposant sur les terres d'ICO et Shadow of the Colossus n'a pas accouché d'une souris mais d'un monstre. Énormissime, fascinant, magistral. Après avoir soulevé de nombreuses inquiétudes, The Last Guardian se présente comme une force tranquille et la preuve que Fumito Ueda ne s'est pas égaré pendant toutes ces années de développement.
Aníbal GonçalvesDec 05, 2016
É uma obra autoral, com uma linguagem e estética próprias, numa indústria definida por critérios métricos e comerciais onde ele dificilmente cabe. Nesse sentido, analisando-o a nível artístico, é uma conquista que merece ser defendida com todas as forças, por quem acha que os videojogos merecem ser mais do que uma receita de gratificação numérica e estimulação sensorial para cumprimento de fantasias másculas.
Antonio FucitoDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian offre più sostanza di quanto si pensi analizzando i due precedenti lavori di Fumito Ueda, grazie ad gameplay orientato al platform/puzzle solido, vario e a tratti ingegnoso, che pecca di pigrizia nella prima parte ma migliora esponenzialmente andando avanti.
Mattia RavanelliDec 05, 2016
Un gioco cocciuto, inaffidabile, imprevedibile, non solo per merito delle sue idee fuori dal tempo, ma anche per evidentissimi limiti sia nel ritmo, che in alcuni aspetti strutturali (telecamera e interazioni a volte davvero frustranti). Ma anche un gioco monumentale, emozionante e affascinante, proprio come ci si sarebbe aspettati. Forse più coraggioso e testardo di quanto ci si sarebbe mai potuto immaginare.
Mario PetilloDec 05, 2016
The Last Guardian è un titolo che mostra ripetute volte il fianco a una produzione troppo anacronistica, sia nella gestione della telecamera che in molti dei movimenti del nostro protagonista: pur ambientando tutta la sua avventura in un contesto onirico, racconta una storia che non lascia eccessivo spazio alla formazione e alla creazione di un contenuto, basandosi sì su un high concept, ma che stranamente non decolla, come invece fa spesso Trico nei suoi salti. Quello che rimane è una buona cornice, che però all'interno sembra quasi non avere un quadro del quale parlare, accompagnata da un buon livello di sfida, che vi porterà a variare la durata dell'esperienza dalle otto fino alle quindici ore, e un'ottima costruzione del rapporto uomo-animale, un lascito sicuramente sentito di Ueda, che nella sua seconda iterazione di ICO ha preteso il perorare di elementi a lui cari, appartenenti a una poesia però troppo vacua.
Михаил ГорбуновDec 14, 2016
Спору нет: у Team Ico получилось достоверное изображение животного, за которое их можно похвалить. Получилось выстроить эмоциональную связь между зверем и игроком. А вот выстроить на всём этом достойную игру так и не вышло. Продукт из тех, что обязательно нужно хотя бы пощупать. Но совсем не обязательно проходить полностью и тем более когда-либо сюда возвращаться.
Денис МайоровDec 05, 2016
Настоящее чудо, что игра все-таки смогла добраться до релиза. Но несмотря на ее потрясающее умение вызывать эмоциональную привязанность к виртуальному зверю и вытаскивать из самого игрока самые разные эмоции – от глубоко умиротворения до едкой тревоги, закрыть глаза на никудышный игровой процесс не получается. Впрочем, никакие огрехи игры не помешали мне в нее влюбиться.
Mohammad FahmiDec 07, 2016
Jika kamu mencari game bagus, The Last Guardian bisa saja cocok untukmu, bisa juga menjadi sebuah pengalaman yang kamu benci. Tapi jika kamu mencari karya seni bagus, kamu bisa pilih mengeluarkan ratusan ribu untuk The Last Guardian, atau ratusan juta untuk lukisan buatan Jackson Pollock. Pilihan saya pribadi jelas akan jatuh pada The Last Guardian.
Ersin KılıçDec 05, 2016
Sonuç olarak The Last Guardian ya da Türkçe adı ile Son Muhafız, uzun süren bekleyişin altından kalkmayı başarıyor ve beklentileri karşılayan bir yapım. Demin de söylediğim gibi firmanın daha önceki oyunlarını deneyimlediyseniz ve sevmediyseniz size hitap eden bir oyun değil. Ama benim gibi ICO ve Shadow of the Colossus oyunlarına aşıksanız bu oyundan da beklediğiniz hazzı fazlasıyla alacaksınız demektir.
Sander NoordijkDec 05, 2016
De verwachtingen waren hooggespannen, maar The Last Guardian is aan het eind van dag een goede game geworden, die helaas wat wordt tegengehouden door stroeve controls, een onhandige camera en meer tekortkomingen van oudere 3D-games. De interactie tussen het jongetje en Trico is echter fantastisch en de puzzels die je op jouw weg tegenkomt, zitten goed in elkaar.
Rox van der HelmDec 05, 2016
Fans van ICO en Shadow of the Colossus zullen waarschijnlijk de game in hun hart sluiten door unieke aspecten, en de onhandige besturing door de vingers zien. Is dit terecht? Nee, want mensen die die games gemist hebben en nu een PlayStation in huis hebben en actie avonturen games als Uncharted kennen, wéten hoe een avontuur qua besturing goed uit de verf kan komen.
HedDec 05, 2016
To przepiękna opowieść i doznanie, jakiego nie zaoferował jeszcze żaden inny autor gier. Mówiąc krótko, The Last Guardian to ten moment, w którym sztuka zderza się z technologią, a emocjonalność z chłodną kalkulacją. To ten moment, kiedy emocjonalność odnosi sukces. A Ty – po której stoisz stronie?
Kim OrremarkDec 05, 2016
Spelkontrollen tillsammans med kameran skapar ohyggligt mycket onödig frustration och står i slutändan likt en tjock cementvägg mellan mig och själva upplevelsen. Tempot blir lidande av dötråkiga strider och spelet saknar både utmaning och omspelningsvärde.
Aaron Vesterberg RinghögDec 15, 2016
The Last Guardian levererar känsla när det är som bäst och frustration när det är som sämst. Spelets hinder förtar otvivelaktigt från en upplevelse som kunde ha varit så mycket mer. Vissa kommer älska Trico och den lilla pojken, medan andra inte ens kommer orka spela klart det. Du vet vem du är av dessa två segment. En sak är i alla fall säker. The Last Guardian är äntligen här, och vi ska vara glada över att vi orkade vänta så länge.