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Mike WilliamsAug 22, 2016
With 50 fighters (17 of whom are all-new), 19 stages, and a host of gameplay modes, SNK is coming out swinging with King of Fighters XIV. The roster is diverse and interesting and the game is easy to get into. The game could definitely use a boost in the visual department, as the art style can come across as safe and bland, but the game itself is solid. As the beginning for a whole new era of SNK, King of Fighters XIV is a win.
Chris CarterAug 22, 2016
King of Fighters XIV falls somewhere between XII and XIII. It's not exactly bare-bones and the roster is mighty, but the gaudy presentation and by-the-book story is distracting, and takes away a lot of the uniqueness of the series.
Darry HuskeyAug 24, 2016
King of Fighters XIV offers an astonishing amount of content, with nearly double the playable characters of most other games available on day one. The fighters themselves are interesting and well designed, both visually and mechanically, and they push limits with an execution ceiling higher than perhaps any other fighting game.
Kai PowellAug 24, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV is a solid entry that’s sure to be played in tournaments for the next couple of years and establishes a foundation for newcomers to pick up a controller and learn what the hype is about.
Tomas FranzeseAug 22, 2016
While the graphics could be better, everything else about the game is so amazing that you tend not to notice after a while. The King of Fighters XIV is one of the best fighting games I have ever played, and will satisfy fans of the series, hardcore fighting game enthusiasts, and those hoping to get into them.
Ken McKownAug 24, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV is everything I wanted it to be going in. There is enough content to keep me testing out the teams of fighters. With 50 playable characters to experiment with, it is fun to learn match-ups and play with friends. I found myself coming back constantly to this game, and always finding new characters I really enjoyed playing as.
Suriel VazquezAug 23, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV’s combo system is loose and expressive, and the character variety makes it easy to keep playing for hours. The learning curve is still a bit too steep for new players, but those who make the effort to climb it will find a fun, if unadventurous, fighter. Lots of characters and online modes to tinker with, but the single-player portion feels limited.
Jeremy PeeplesAug 22, 2016
King of Fighters XIV has some rough edges, but is outstanding overall. It plays smoothly and while the DualShock 4 may not be the perfect fighting game pad, it does work fairly well by default — and is improved with stick enhancers that allow you to replicate a joystick’s movement. The story mode is focused and gives you some amusing glimpses into the characters and their interactions with one another, while the art style shift is jarring but gets the job done.
Matt EspineliAug 22, 2016
With plenty of opportunities available online or off, KOF 14 is a well-executed addition to the revered fighting series. Those disappointed in its new visuals may be unwilling to give it a chance, but if you remain steadfast in parsing through the multiple layers of its mechanics, you'll be rewarded with one of the most accessible, satisfying entries in the series to date.
Tyler TreeseAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV is a fully featured fighting game. It still feels like its classic predecessors, but it has been updated in some important areas to feel like a modern take. Its roster is both a celebration of the series that also signifies that this is a new step forward. I’m excited to see KoF back in the spotlight, and I hope to see SNK continue building on this great installment.
Lucas SullivanAug 22, 2016
Whether or not you dig its new look, KOF 14 offers everything you could want in a fighting game: refined gameplay, a bevy of appealing characters, and accessibility that gives way to complex depth.
Kevin SchallerAug 23, 2016
Aside from some faulty matchmaking, the package is a fighting game worth playing. It looks good enough and runs smoothly, and even when lagging, the online play is nice and clean. And it doesn’t bring anything new to the table (besides Nakaruru from Samurai Showdown in her console KoF debut, along with one or two other new faces), but everything it’s doing is being done right.
Mollie L PattersonAug 26, 2016
Though its visuals still betray the legacy of SNK’s rich and gorgeous 2D sprite work, The King of Fighters XIV revives the glory of the franchise where it counts most: gameplay and core mechanics. This will hopefully be the first step in a better future for the series, but even this unpolished first entry is worth the time for longtime fans and newcomers alike.
Oscar TKAug 22, 2016
Whatever the reason The King of Fighters XIV feels like it lacks some of the magic of the earlier games. It’s a game that really wants to be the “king of fighters” itself, but has forgotten that means having some fun along the way. Don’t get us wrong The King of Fighters XIV doesn’t do anything too bad, except maybe the clunky accessibility features. It’s actually a pretty solid and good game. Mechanically The King of Fighters fans should be satiated, even though it doesn’t bring too much new to the table.
Dominic LeightonAug 23, 2016
As a new entry in the series that pushes it into uncharted territory, King of Fighters XIV is an admirable effort. Boasting a huge roster, accessible action and smooth gameplay, there’s a lot to like, but the mediocre transition to 3D and inconsistent netcode hold it back from greatness.
Drew HurleyJan 21, 2017
If the graphical issues put off any of the audience, they certainly have no reason to stay away now. The gorgeous new visuals round this game out into an absolutely fantastic fighter for this generation. The core gameplay and mechanics are superb, with a simple enough setup for newcomers to be able to pick up and play, but also enough depth for players to spend plenty of time mastering every aspect.
Nathan HunterOct 18, 2016
King of Fighters XIV is brilliant. It is certainly an upgrade on the last game, with upgraded visuals, a cool story mode, depth of characters, and great locations being the main boasting point. Having said that, the actual gameplay is brilliant stuff, with the combinations and movement of characters being a particular highlight. It is just a shame the online experience is rather hit and miss, even after the patch.
Az EliasAug 31, 2016
Improvements could have been made in other areas, such as the weak story and presentation (menus and models), but more importantly, KOF XIV should have some great competitive legs, and deservedly so.
Ryan EslerAug 22, 2016
A fighting game that packs a punch and is worthy of the series’ name. Once you see past some questionable animations you’ll find countless hours of fun mixing and matching teams on and offline.
gamesTMNov 01, 2016
KOF XIV is merely good rather than great, which is disappointing from so storied a franchise as this, but competition is fierce these days – Arc is on fire, NetherRealm is a real contender and Street Fighter V continues to improve. XIV suggests that SNK is struggling to find its form, but it’ll need to find it in order to dethrone the current beat-’em-up royalty.
GameCentralAug 24, 2016
The King Of Fighters XIV comes at a difficult time for fighting games, with the failure of Street Fighter V threatening to plunge the genre into a new dark age (ironic given that Street Fighter IV saved it from the previous one). We doubt that The King Of Fighters XIV will have that much impact, but despite its complex secrets seeming only for the hardcore this is also one of the most approachable and fun fighting games of the current generation.
Damien McFerranAug 22, 2016
Ironically, the biggest sticking point with King of Fighters XIV is the one aspect designed to make it more appealing to outsiders; the new "Rush" mode allows even complete newbies to look like combo-crunching experts, but it's likely to divide opinion with serious players who prefer to rely on their own skill and knowledge when it comes to unlocking the game's most potent moves.
Brandon GreenAug 22, 2016
King of Fighters XIV is a solid fighting game with some great mechanics and a wealth of content that will keep players busy for hours. There are many teams to complete Story Mode with, a huge and diverse roster each with their own moves, and there's numerous offline modes. There's tons to unlock, with two of the game's characters earned by completing the story mode, and there's a gallery full of treats to discover, which will increase the longevity of the game for dedicated players.
Jed WhitakerAug 22, 2016
While The King of Fighters XIV isn't as flashy or good looking as other recently released fighters, it is jam packed with content by comparison having 50 characters playable on the disc.
Salva FernándezAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV es un juego exigente que probablemente puede llegar a frustrar, a pesar de algunas facilidades añadidas, a los novatos en la saga que quieran probar suerte. Pero ahí radica parte de su encanto: es un juego pensado para competir. Y las bases con las que se presenta son claras: recuperar la esencia de entregas pasadas con un sistema de combate en el que el Max Mode y los golpes normales tienen una importancia vital.
Carlos LeivaAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV supone el regreso por la puerta grande de una de las sagas más importantes y representativas del género. Una buena plantilla de carismáticos personajes y un sistema de combate tan profundo como vertiginoso son sus principales cartas de presentación, regalándonos diversión y variedad en cada batalla que disputamos, y animándonos a querer mejorar para llegar hasta lo más alto.
Lázaro FernándezAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV une lo mejor del género en su máximo apogeo, en los noventa, con un apartado gráfico que, aunque es mejorable, está a la altura de la actual generación. Cincuenta personajes, jugabilidad clásica y contenidos de todo tipo desde el inicio conforman una oferta única en el género. Indispensable si te gusta minimamente la lucha.
Rodrigo CortésAug 30, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV no tendrá cosas nuevas que cambien el gameplay o gráficos que le hagan justicia a la serie, sin embargo, es un juego sólido en todos los sentidos; no tiene errores de programación, es veloz, los escenarios son vistosos, cuenta con un gran balance entre personajes y se ve que la historia va a continuar. Por esta clase de elementos la nueva entrega hace que la franquicia se mantenga vigente y que los fans no se sientan decepcionados. Ojalá que siga el soporte y que los problemas con el netcode se arreglen para que la experiencia en línea sea la que los jugadores se merecen.
Toni PiedrabuenaAug 22, 2016
Es una pena que KOF XIV no entre por los ojos, pero sería una temeridad obviar un capítulo que parece imperdible en la serie por sus gráficos. Puede que no esté a la altura del Unlimited Match 2002 o el mítico KOF 98, pero sí supera sobre el mando a algunos míticos episodios de la veterana serie de SNK.
Juan GarciaAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV nos ha sorprendido con una propuesta jugable completa y profunda, que se va abriendo a medida que controlamos más y más su sistema de combate. A esto hay que sumar que se trata de un juego con la friolera de 50 personajes diferentes, varios modos de juego tanto si jugamos solo como acompañados, y unas opciones online que, al menos de momento, han resistido la prueba del lag a pesar del desastroso resultado de The King of Fighters XIII.
Mathias OertelAug 30, 2016
Schade ist allerdings, dass die Modi nur Varianten bekannter Standard-Kost bieten, aber online immerhin Team-Duelle erlauben, bei denen jede Figur von einem Spieler gesteuert wird, während die Geschichte nicht über das übliche Niveau hinaus kommt, das auch von Titeln wie Dead or Alive oder Tekken geprägt wird. Dennoch ist King of Fighters 14 eine durch die Bank gelungene Ergänzung der Prügel-Bibliothek.
Maxime ChaoAug 28, 2016
Le titre de SNK lui vole aussi la vedette en matière de roster (50 persos au lancement, en comptant les deux boss), et de contenu, archi complet et qui n'oublie pas les joueurs solitaires. Mieux, même le jeu online arrive à se montrer irréprochable une fois le patch day one installé. Ce dernier permet aussi de rendre compatibles les sticks arcades PS3 avec le jeu. La cerise sur le sashimi mon pote !
Michaël GuarnéAug 22, 2016
Le retour de SNK sur la scène baston en 2016 est presque inespéré. Un comeback qui ne se fait pas sans quelques préjudices esthétiques, ce nouveau passage à la 3D étant indigne du support. Pour une série habituée à l’excellence visuelle, il est difficile d’arborer un design aussi grossier et peu convaincant que celui des Maximum Impact en leur temps. Comme le mode en ligne est loin d’être un modèle de stabilité pour l’instant, il vaut mieux avoir des amis prêts à en découdre localement.
EpyonAug 25, 2016
Certes, le jeu n'est pas vraiment joli, mais il se repose avant tout sur un gameplay qui se veut plus accessible que par le passé, sans perdre en profondeur de jeu. Avec ses animations, sa bande-son et sa jouabilité aux petits oignons, KoF XIV propose des combats techniques au dynamisme hypnotisant. Comme en plus il se permet le luxe d'être extrêmement complet, difficile de le bouder lorsque l'on aime les bons jeux de combat.
Jonathan BushleAug 22, 2016
The King of Fighter XIV est un bon jeu de combat, avec un gameplay précis et pointu, mais qui pourra rebuter les novices malgré les nombreux aménagements d'accessibilité dont il a bénéficié. Aussi, les graphismes ne sont clairement pas à la hauteur de la PS4, et montrent même des inégalités dans le traitement des personnages, le character design et les animations.
Biagio EtnaAug 22, 2016
Pur offrendo un motore poligonale solo discreto e un gameplay ancora da affinare, The King of Fighters XIV è un'ottimo punto di partenza per la rinascita del brand. Ricco di contenuti, accessibile e divertente, l'ultimo titolo di SNK è ancora lontano dai fasti del passato, ma le basi gettate sono tanto solide da garantire più di una speranza per il futuro della serie.
Aligi ComandiniAug 22, 2016
Con più modalità e un'offerta generale avremmo potuto porre il nuovo The King of Fighters alla pari di questi titoli, ma così com'è e con questo comparto tecnico mediocre, possiamo consigliarlo solo agli appassionati dei picchiaduro tecnici. Se del contorno poco vi importa e per voi l'unica legge è il combat system lo amerete. In caso contrario c'è di meglio in circolazione.
Andrea PaoneAug 23, 2016
La nuova veste grafica perde decisamente in stile e in bellezza rispetto alle virtù bidimensionali del passato, e la modalità Storia non riesce ad appagare come dovrebbe, ma se il netcode si dimostrerà solido come gli sviluppatori hanno lasciato intendere, l'ultima incarnazione della serie di punta di SNK potrebbe davvero soddisfare anche i giocatori più esigenti. Insomma, dopo ben sei anni di attesa, il Re è finalmente tornato.
Darry HuskeyNov 04, 2016
King of Fighters XIV предлагает удивительное количество контента, практически в два раза больше бойцов, чем можно найти в любом другом файтинге в день его релиза. Сами персонажи получились интересными, как в визуальном плане, так и в плане механики, что делает эту игру одной из наиболее примечательных в своем жанре. Основные проблемы King of Fighters XIV – сетевой код и технические огрехи, но изучение персонажей того стоит.
Rick OttenAug 25, 2016
Dit alles maakt King of Fighters XIV vooral een hele degelijke nieuwe titel binnen de KoF-reeks. Het spel oogt wat flets, en is wat trager dan zijn directe voorganger, maar het doet grotendeels wat het moet doen: niet meer, maar ook niet minder. Wel is het een goed instappunt als je nooit eerder een King of Fighter hebt gespeeld en tegelijk een feest van herkenning als je dat wel hebt.