The Hong Kong Massacre for PlayStation 4

The Hong Kong Massacre

Jan 29, 2019
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Developer: VRESKI
Content Rating: Teen


A violent action filled top-down shooter set in Hong Kong. Inspired by classic Hong Kong action movies the game is filled with dual pistols, gun smoke and bloodshed.

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James O'ConnorJan 29, 2019
The Hong Kong Massacre is a game with a specific goal--to capture the feeling of an over-the-top John Woo-style slow-motion diving kill shot, and it succeeds. The game's faults are washed away whenever you leap out of the way of a bullet and quickly take out the person who fired it. It's a game that sticks with you when you're not playing it, as you think through different approaches to the room you died in last time.
Stephen TailbyJan 28, 2019
The Hong Kong Massacre's inspiration is clear, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the gameplay, the personality, or the energy to stand alongside it. The slow-mo shooting can be fun, but with tough enemies and a janky dodge manoeuvre, you'll more often than not be frustrated by death after death. With a little more polish, it could've been an entertaining romp, but as it stands, redeeming qualities are few and far between.
Eric HallFeb 01, 2019
I understand that The Hong Kong Massacre is VRESKI’s first project, but it is desperately in need of more substance. The acrobatic mechanics of the gameplay can’t make up for the fact that it lacks depth. There’s not enough variety spread out over the length of the campaign to prevent it from becoming tired.

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