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Steve HannleyOct 13, 2014
Unfortunately, it falls into the modern trappings of boasting too much firepower at the cost of stealth and intelligence. Still, this is a bold and seductive experience that is seen too infrequently from major publishers these days. In an age where once great franchises like Silent Hill and Resident Evil are falling into self-parody, The Evil Within is a breath of fresh air that deserves to be inhaled by every survival horror fan.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioOct 14, 2014
If not for the unfortunate frustrating points, which really take you out of the bleak atmosphere, I would say this would set the bar for horror excellence. Unfortunately, these small drawbacks will cause you to frequently put the game down, and that simply doesn’t mesh with a horror tone.
Richard WalkerOct 15, 2014
A throwback to survival horror's heyday, The Evil Within's story is daft and convoluted, featuring a mad scientist who might as well be Krieger from Archer. Frustrating and entertaining in equal measure, The Evil Within falls short of offering any proper scares.
TuffcubOct 14, 2014
As you progress you do feel like you are edging closer to the truth, a horrific truth that will probably be covered in human intestines and gnawing the limbs off screaming babies, but a truth nonetheless. Despite borrowing a lot of well-worn themes from other games and movies, The Evil Within feels fresh and exciting. It’s easy to recommend to fans of the original Dead Space and the earlier Resident Evil games.
Mike WilliamsOct 20, 2014
The Evil Within is Shinji Mikami's return to the survival horror genre, but that return is muted. Overall, the Evil Within is solid and it definitely has some great moments, but poorly-implemented mechanics and a bland story bring down the overall package. Survival horror fans should pick it up, but others may want to wait until the price drops a bit.
Shaun McInnisOct 21, 2014
But it's a fight that anyone with a tough stomach should take on. Because for as much as The Evil Within does stumble, it always seems to recover. What it does at its core it does so well that all those issues floating on the periphery eventually fade away to reveal a satisfying if slightly blemished return to classic survival horror.
Susan ArendtOct 14, 2014
Evil Within just plain doesn't give you a fair chance to succeed. It doesn't provide enough information for you to make good decisions and it handicaps your ability to fight well. ...It manages a few moments of inspiration, but their scarcity makes them feel like fortunate accidents rather than deliberate elements of the overall design. It's covered in blood, but the only thing truly horrifying about The Evil Within is how disappointing it is.
Sammy BarkerOct 14, 2014
At its controller clutching best, The Evil Within evokes memories of Silent Hill’s high points – but it’s the Resident Evil comparisons that are most consistent throughout. ...Thankfully, legendary director Shinji Mikami doesn’t disappoint in the gameplay department, forcing you to get creative with your plentiful combat options due to an unending absence of resources. It’s here that developer Tango Gameworks finds the breathless brilliance within.
Tim TuriOct 13, 2014
Horror fans shouldn’t let the disappointing story deter them one bit, however. Few Paranormal Activity fans care how these malevolent demons come back again and again – what truly matters is that the audience’s nerves are frayed until they’re raw. The Evil Within excels at keeping your palms sweaty while delivering a harrowingly rewarding gameplay trial. Watching the credits roll with a sigh of relief doesn’t feel like winning; it feels like surviving.
Phil HornshawNov 05, 2014
The result is that The Evil Within just winds up being a slog. It’s an atmospheric slog with some cool art direction, granted (although its anemic, somewhat confused mad science story doesn’t add much on that front). But it’s a slog nonetheless, constantly punishing the player for not reading its mind. Dying in a game isn’t scary — almost dying is. The Evil Within, however, never figures that out.
Philip KollarOct 14, 2014
The Evil Within has great moments where the excellent combat and creepy environmental design come together. But those moments are fleeting, inevitably sapped of their delightful terror by design choices that feel trapped in the glory days of a decade ago. There's something to be said for respecting your past successes and building off of them, but The Evil Within is only ever completely successful at half of that equation.
Matthew ElliottOct 14, 2014
There are numerous clever nods to Mikami's heritage here, but it's more than just the game Resident Evil 5 should have been: The Evil Within stands alone and still manages to feel relevant, despite far more sophisticated contemporaries. Anyone expecting the cataclysmic upheaval of Resi 4 will be disappointed: instead, The Evil Within feels like survival horror's final, desperate dash for the light, before the shutters come down forever.
Lucy O'BrienOct 16, 2014
The Evil Within is a brutal, challenging, and remarkably fun game. Its eerie world and imaginative enemies are genuinely frightening, and the scares are heightened significantly by the scarcity of resources at your disposal. ...While its story ends up buckling under its own ambition, there is little here that takes away from the joy of experiencing survival horror under the steady hand of a master of the craft.
Shaun JoyFeb 01, 2015
In the end, The Evil Within was a game that reeked of needing a better overall design philosophy and suffered because it didn’t. There’s fun to have here, but it will start to wear on you as you play the game. It’s a good game to try to rent or borrow from a friend, but in the end, it’s a title that didn’t live up to expectations, and is another disappointment in the “horror” genre. There’s some good elements to build off here though for future titles, the question will be if future iterations will be as muddled as this one was.
Jim SterlingOct 14, 2014
It's archaic without feeling nostalgic, it's harsh but not entirely fair, and while it tries its hardest to evoke classic survival horror, it lives in the shadow of the games it draws blatant inspiration from. ...The Evil Within is a noble attempt at bringing back classic survival horror, but it could have learned a thing or two from games that aren't almost ten years old. It has its moments of brilliance, scattered through periods of antagonizing design.
Kyle HansonOct 23, 2014
Instead of creating a genuinely fearful environment, the game simply attempts to frustrate the player and hopes that this will result in the desired effect. Still, the gameplay might not be unique, but it is solid and enjoyable in its own way, and the wildly varying level and character designs helps to create a game that keeps you coming back just to see what will be around the next corner. If only the shifts had been better explained along the way, players might be able to enjoy the ride a little bit more.
Ashley ReedOct 14, 2014
Between a gorefest that's thoroughly engrossing, amazing feelings of triumph created by the imposing difficulty, and a plot that gets to the core of some very unsettling themes, The Evil Within brings enough to the table that it deserves a taste. Just don't ask where this dish came from. You don't want to know.Despite letting some of its most compelling aspects die off, The Evil Within is still worth a shot for bringing some unique ideas in the first place, and giving us a new way to think about survival horror.
Steve BurnsOct 12, 2014
At times it feels like a Mikami megamix: it has the village with the chainsaw-wielding dude, another mansion, etc. But Mikami does this so well it's difficult to get annoyed. It's not unusual for directors in either film or games to recall past glories, and few do it better than Mikami. Even though this isn't his best, The Evil Within has enough magic to make it a worthy investment.
Paulmichael ContrerasOct 14, 2014
The story is pretty convoluted, and you don’t really become attached to most characters, but ultimately this is a very well-done survival horror game with stealth elements mixed in for good measure. The Evil Within is a great game for the Halloween crowd, and has some added replayability in the form of a New Game+. This is an easy buy for all horror fans, and is a game that should not be missed by those who want a challenge.
Adam CookOct 14, 2014
Mikami and Tango Gameworks have proved that horror is most certainly alive and well in gaming, and if you can stomach it (and only certain people will be able to), you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Evil Within. The horrible feeling that creeps over your skin as you play makes you want to stop, but the gameplay is good enough that you’ll keep going regardless. If you’re fed up of where Resident Evil is at, then The Evil Within might be the foul-smelling breath of fetid air you are craving, even if it might have benefited from being a tighter, leaner affair.
Bengt LemneOct 17, 2014
Rather than the next generation of Japanese survival horror, The Evil Within serves as a greatest hits compilation that includes not just the highlights but also some of those outdated elements we'd rather forget. That said it certainly will appeal to fans of early Resident Evils, Silent Hills, Siren and Project Zero, and if you can stomach some old school design then you're in for some proper stomach turning events.
Matthew PellettFeb 16, 2015
The Evil Within builds up such a strong sense of goodwill in the rest of its mammoth runtime that it’s easy to forgive the occasional misstep. It’s lean, with few repeated ideas, and boasts one of the best save rooms you’ll ever experience. Since when did that become a thing to celebrate?
Jake WestonNov 11, 2014
The Evil Within’s biggest sin is that it just isn’t particularly scary. It’s certainly gory, and at times thrilling, but by combining a smorgasbord of horror cliches and tropes, The Evil Within fails to earn its own identity, instead content to rest on the laurels of its inspirations. There’s a good game hidden within, well, The Evil Within, and at times the brilliance that Mikami has shown in past games does shine through, but these moments are few and far between. The Evil Within will appease survival horror fans looking for a nostalgia trip, but everyone else should approach with caution.
Jason D’AprileOct 21, 2014
The Evil Within is absolutely sure to appeal to those obsessed with the original Resident Evil games. That said, it’s a real shame that the developer didn’t take this fresh start as a chance to reinvent himself and horror games in general. Instead, the result is a game desperate to relive the glory days of now-ancient interactive horror, warts and all.
Michael HarradenceOct 18, 2014
The Evil Within isn't without some glaring shortcomings, but overall, this is survival horror at its most brutally rewarding. A triumphant return for Shinji Mikami.
Alberto LloretDec 11, 2014
Buen diseño de niveles y criaturas, en especial jefes finales. Es largo y rejugable. The Evil Within está lejos del concepto clásico del Survival Horror o de infundir miedo. Es una aventura con buenos pasajes, que remite a RE4, Silent Hill o The Last of Us, pero en ningún caso logra superarlos.
Álvaro CastellanoOct 14, 2014
The Evil Within tiene una superficie algo áspera, pero en el momento en el que nos familiarizamos con sus defectos de manejo o IA podemos disfrutar de un videojuego más que notable. Survival Horror de acción pero cargado de elementos de la vieja escuela, esta obra va más allá de la mera recolección de sustos y propone una experiencia fundamentalmente centrada en la acción cuya ambientación y sórdido universo la hacen muy recomendable.
Juan RubioOct 14, 2014
Bethesda ha hecho una gran apuesta aquí, y ahora está en las carteras de los jugadores demostrar que no se ha equivocado y que, en efecto, el terror de hace diez años sigue teniendo lugar en el mercado. Si os gustó Resident Evil 4, id ya corriendo a por él, ya que es casi un sucesor espiritual, y si simplemente os atrae su propuesta, no creemos que os decepcione.
Pablo AlgabaOct 20, 2014
The Evil Within es obra de un Mikami conocedor de su oficio, de un sensei con confianza en un estilo propio que le ha llevado años desarrollar. Es el trabajo de quien, sin cerrarse a aprender y a explorar nuevos caminos, está mucho más interesado en pulir y sacarle cada vez más brillo a lo que sabe hacer bien antes que a empezar de cero. Es un juego al que respetar y querer.
Javi AndrésOct 14, 2014
...The Evil Within es un ejercicio de tensión, terror y escalofríos formidable. ...Eso sí, todo lo que conjuga funciona perfectamente, y consigue variedad de situaciones y gameplay. ...Las sensaciones agobiantes y angustiosas de los viejos tiempos vuelven a aflorar, aunque desde una perspectiva distinta y más todoterreno. Tanta tensión hará que la sangre no te llegue al cerebro, The Evil Within antes te lo punza.
Sebastian ThorOct 14, 2014
Dafür gerät es zu sehr in eine wechselhafte Grätsche zwischen Slasher, Psycho und Hinterwäldlerterror. Aber in seinem zuweilen schrägen Gezwurbel stecken auch hundert wunderbare Ideen. Kein Abschnitt gleicht dem nächsten, keine Kugel ist umsonst, kaum eine Minute langweilig. Als diese riesige, bildgewaltige Collage aus Gedärmen, Häckselmaschinen und Mutanten dann nach etwa 15 Stunden zu Ende geht, bleibt ein Gefühl tiefer Zufriedenheit. Das muss man erst mal hinbekommen.
Michael KrostaOct 22, 2014
Doch hinsichtlich der Spielmechanik verlässt sich Mikami zu sehr auf Bewährtes anstatt sich an kreative Ideen zu wagen oder mittlerweile überholte Designentscheidungen von damals zu modernisieren. ...Unterm Strich bietet Evil Within immer noch guten Survival-Horror, der aber weder mit der gnadenlosen Psycho-Folter eines Silent Hill noch mit fiesen Schockeffekten à la Outlast oder dem intensiven Gefühl einer allgegenwärtigen Bedrohung von Amnesia oder Alien: Isolation mithalten kann.
Laurely BirbaOct 14, 2014
Nous attendions avec impatience le retour du maître du survival horror, et nous n'avons pas été déçus par The Evil Within qui démontre que Shinji Mikami n'a strictement rien perdu de son talent. Avec son univers sale et oppressant, sa direction artistique de premier ordre, ses boss qui en imposent et cet équilibre parfait entre action et horreur, le jeu de Tango Gameworks fait la leçon à Capcom et Resident Evil.
KaarajOct 14, 2014
The Evil Within est une aventure prenante, portée par son ambiance malsaine, maîtrisée et remplie de références aux ténors du genre. ...Mais le titre n'est hélas pas exempt de défauts, en témoigne ses dialogues peu inspirés, ses soucis techniques parfois gênants et son scénario certes intéressant mais au final moins bluffant que ce que l'on pourrait penser. Avec un zeste de finition supplémentaire et un final mieux chapeauté, il aurait pu prétendre au titre de chef-d’œuvre.
Matthieu HurelOct 13, 2014
A défaut d'être une nouvelle révolution du genre, The Evil Within est un survival horror aussi généreux qu'efficace grâce à son mélange d'action, d'infiltration et d'exécutions. Il remet au goût du jour la formule initiée par Resident Evil 4, tout en s'inspirant de ses prédécesseurs et de ses successeurs chez la concurrence, mais il lui manque à la fois de l'inspiration fraîche et un niveau de peaufinage supplémentaire pour devenir un classique indispensable.
Mattia RavanelliOct 14, 2014
Mikami torna al suo genere preferito facendo segnare un dietrofront a modo suo clamoroso. Purtroppo al di là delle atmosfere riuscite, delle affascinanti paranoie di cui è intriso il mondo di The Evil Within e di alcuni ottimi spunti di gioco, il nuovo survival horror del papà di Resident Evil dimostra un’inesperienza insospettabile.
Luca ForteOct 14, 2014
The Evil Within è un vecchio classico. Ancora orecchiabile e divertente da ballare, soprattutto per coloro che lo hanno amato da giovani, ma poco adatto ai tempi moderni. È come avrebbe dovuto essere Resident Evil 5 prima della deriva action, ma gli horror moderni si basano ormai su altri elementi sia per spaventare, sia per mantenere alta la tensione.
Wouter GrevelingOct 19, 2014
Maar al die punten terzijde, The Evil Within is nog steeds een erg sterke horrorgame, waarin Shinji Mikami weer eens laat zien dat hij zijn vak verstaat. De gameplay staat als een huis en vereist veel tactisch nadenken. En we kunnen maar niet genoeg benadrukken hoe luguber en sterk de sfeer wel niet is. Als het onlangs verschenen Alien: Isolation niets voor jou is, maar je wel op zoek bent naar een sterke horrorgame, dan is The Evil Within wat voor jou.
Sander van DalsumNov 12, 2014
Daarbij wordt het je nergens moeilijk gemaakt met klungelige besturing of andere ouderwetse mechanieken. Sebastian beweegt vloeiend en de actie is een spannende afwisseling tussen de tactiek en het sluipen door. De gruwelijke wezens die je confronteert, blijven je nog lang bij en de variatie in levels voelt als een kunstzinnige collectie uit een Japans horrormuseum. The Evil Within is een terugkerende nachtmerrie, die een droom is voor hedendaagse survival-horror puristen.