The Escapists for PlayStation 4

The Escapists

Jun 2, 2015
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You may not be in an open prison, but you are in an open world where in between attending rollcalls, mealtimes and doing your chores you should grab every chance to plan your escape. Do you do favours for other inmates earning money and boosting their opinion of you along the way? Or workout and become stronger? Read to increase your skills or spend your time crafting items into homemade weapons and tools. What about working diligently in your prison job, to gain promotions to new jobs with better benefits? Keep a low profile or go out all guns blazing, as long as you escape in the end, that

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Dean JamesMay 31, 2015
The Escapists is a quite challenging game with some great ideas scattered throughout, but sometimes feels lacking in execution. ...However, the game is greatly held back by how parts of the game require too much trial and error, though it feels incredibly rewarding to make the right item or grand escape after much troubleshooting. The Escapists overall is a unique game that is great for those looking for a challenge, but may be a little too tedious for the general gamer.
Chandler WoodJun 01, 2015
The Escapists holds the methodical tedium of a prison life simulator with some escape mechanics built in, rather than a thrilling game in which you plan your escape. More focus on teaching the intricacies of the mechanics in-game would have done wonders for The Escapists and actually hatching and carrying out a master plan for escaping confinement, because at its core The Escapists is a thrilling concept.
Mat GrowcottJun 01, 2015
The Escapists is excellent at what it does, there's no doubt about that, and it's cornered a market that nobody else dares to touch. It's generous with content, it's deep, and, at times, it's extremely satisfying. Still, it can be very tedious, and as such, unless you're actually in prison and have time to kill, there are probably better ways to spend your limited gaming hours.

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