The Crew for PlayStation 4

The Crew

Dec 2, 2014

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Content Rating: Teen


With exploration, customization, and a wide, connected experience, The Crew redefines what you know about driving games and takes you on a relentless ride all throughout the United States. Seamlessly jump in and out of a massive network of fellow drivers, and build your crew of friends to take on heart-stopping missions throughout metropolitans and natural environments all across America. Customization is the key to success, though, and an extensive tuning system will prepare your ride for any terrain that lies ahead of you.

Drive fast, drive everywhere, but…


Critic Reviews

42 Reviews
Brittany VincentDec 22, 2014
The Crew offers you the entire countryside to explore solo or with friends (or strangers), plenty of cars, customization options, and a narrative that extends a purpose beyond “being the best” to get your motor running. Ubisoft’s familiar structural pitfalls like microtransactions, online-only play, and other trappings hinder rather than enhance, but those things have become par for the course by now.
Dean JamesDec 12, 2014
While offering one of the largest explorable maps in a racing game and an excellent upgrade system, The Crew sadly never manages to be anything more than mediocre. The reliance on online often makes the game unplayable, whether it is on the Ubisoft or console side, which is not good for something that really should be playable offline. From incredibly frustrating and punishing missions to overly perfect and maddening AI, this game pales in comparison to other offerings like Forza Horizon 2 on the market.
Josh HarmonDec 05, 2014
Despite delivering an impressive playground that captures the spirit of America, The Crew struggles to build out a worthwhile game experience around it, resorting to frustrating missions, insipid storytelling, and off-putting microtransactions.

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