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The Crew

Dec 2, 2014
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With exploration, customization, and a wide, connected experience, The Crew redefines what you know about driving games and takes you on a relentless ride all throughout the United States. Seamlessly jump in and out of a massive network of fellow drivers, and build your crew of friends to take on heart-stopping missions throughout metropolitans and natural environments all across America. Customization is the key to success, though, and an extensive tuning system will prepare your ride for any terrain that lies ahead of you.

Drive fast, drive everywhere, but…


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Peter BrownDec 10, 2014
When The Crew puts you into races with good AI, and you get to race through interesting and varied environments, you get the feeling that you're playing a good game. When you struggle to find people to join your crew online, balk at the outdated graphics, and shake your head at the AI and the occasionally unpredictable physics, you realize: The Crew isn't that good after all. When you can't play due to server issues, you find a new game to play and leave The Crew in your dust.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioDec 04, 2014
Personally, I’d recommend The Crew to anyone who has a dedicated circle of friends who would play with them, who all have great internet connections. If you do, this game is pretty awesome, and possibly even a better format than a lot of other driving games out there. If you don’t, the game can get frustrating at times. This is a “your mileage may vary” sort of game, good, but really only appealing to a very specific type of gamer.
Jaz RignallDec 09, 2014
Ultimately, The Crew is a laudable effort, but one that feels like it needed more development time. Perhaps if developer Ivory Tower kept the map, spent their time filling it with really compelling racing series in all disciplines, and made travel a more interesting and engaging experience (perhaps taking a leaf out of Forza Horizon 2's book), a sequel could finally realize The Crew's considerable potential.

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