The Banner Saga 3 for PlayStation 4

The Banner Saga 3

Jul 26, 2018
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Developer: Stoic
Content Rating: Teen


Banner Saga 3 is the final dramatic chapter in the mature, story driven Viking RPG series which has won over 20 awards and has been nominated for 4 BAFTA awards. As the world continues to crumble around you, who can you trust, how will you protect your allies and what choices will you make as the Darkness draws near? Witness the Banner Saga as you've never seen it before as a dark force takes over and effects everything you've come to know in the beautifully hand-painted finale of the trilogy. Choose new playable characters to join your party, including dredge heroes! Take advantage of new upgrade options as they progress in battle. Deeper strategic combat with the new battle waves system against a myriad of new enemies. The valka spear and heroic titles let players customize their playstyle even further. Drive your own narrative as you carry over your choices from both Banner Sagas 1 & 2, leading to different climatic endings in this final chapter. No hero is safe. An all-new original score from Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory.

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Feb 25, 2021

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DM SchmeyerJul 26, 2018
The Banner Saga 3 offers the darkest entry yet in this beautifully animated tactical RPG trilogy. Choices matter and come fast and furious, making this journey a thrilling roller coaster from the opening moments to the ending credits. Combat can be a bit of a chore once you find your footing, and the story ends all too quickly, but The Banner Saga 3 is a rich and powerful experience and a worthy end to a breakout trilogy.
Caitlin CookeJul 31, 2018
Alas, main characters sometimes receiving a single line of dialogue to describe their end, if anything at all, is what makes The Banner Saga so unique. Life is fleeting, as it is for the hundreds of clansmen I lost throughout the past four years, as it is for my characters who wandered off and never returned, and as it is for the ultimate conclusion to The Banner Saga.
John Cal McCormickJul 27, 2018
The Banner Saga 3 is a fantastic tactical role-playing game that confidently concludes the overarching storyline of the series in a manner entirely befitting with what has come before. Little has changed on the combat front - although this game does perhaps feel a mite easier than first two Banner Saga titles - but it's the storytelling where the release truly excels.

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