Tennis World Tour for PlayStation 4

Tennis World Tour

May 22, 2018

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About this game

Developer: Breakpoint
Content Rating: Everyone


Developed by veterans of tennis simulations, Tennis World Tour sets the new standard: play as one of 30 pros, learn all the shots and experience a realistic career mode. Define your style of play and tactics to become n°1 in the world online rankings!

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
Doug MercerJun 11, 2018
With patches being released to fix the innumerable problems with the game, the elephant in the room should really be addressed. Wouldn’t it have just been smarter to finish the game before release and avoid all of the bad PR? Hopefully, studios will begin to learn from others mistakes and we can avoid releases like this down the line.
Michael RuizJun 18, 2018
Tennis World Tour is a disappointment, plain and simple. It’s one thing to not have key features at launch, but the absence of solid gameplay puts the final nail in the coffin. It’s not only dull with its weak and monotonous presentation but frustrating as you watch your generic created character not swing at a ball they could easily hit across the court.
Shubhankar ParijatJun 07, 2018
Put together, all these aspects make for a game that hardly feels authentic in the way you would expect and want a proper Tennis simulation game to feel. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t care much for authenticity and simply wants an enjoyable experience, Tennis World Tour is still a disappointment, with shoddy and unpolished mechanics, and a surprising lack of content.

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