Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Five - The Vault of the Traveler

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Ryan MeitzlerOct 27, 2015
With plenty of nods to its source material and still incredibly enjoyable to newcomers, the series closes out its season on a hugely enjoyable high note. Even though I won’t get more finger gun fights, gun-pooping horses, and tons of hilarious banter, “The Vault of the Traveler” cements the fact that Tales from the Borderlands was one hell of a ride.
Gil AlmogiOct 20, 2015
Was this story consistent in its delivery in any way? Nope, not at all. But the overall effect is satisfying, and I can’t pretend I was bored along the way. I don’t know that diehard Borderlands fans will appreciate this series’ approach, but it’s worth a shot if you’re into the story more than the shooting.
Chandler WoodOct 28, 2015
The game itself never froze or slowed down, but sometimes character arm and head positions would suddenly snap to where it was supposed to be instead of actually animating there. While it never impacted my gameplay, the four or five times it happened were enough to make note, especially considering how good the engine has been running until now.
Graham BanasOct 27, 2015
The more that we think about it, the more we reckon that Tales from the Borderlands just might be the best series that Telltale has released to date. The game is a consistent joy, fusing humor and touching emotions into one product. A Telltale Borderlands game sounds very strange on paper, but this series, and the finale in particular, illustrate exactly why this pairing has worked. The finale sets itself up for a second season, and we very much hope that we get one.
Drew HurleyOct 25, 2015
This title will be showing up on many "Game of the Year" lists, and rightly so, with a memorable story, filled with truly original, smart and witty writing, set in such a fantastic universe, this is one not to miss.
Jorge CanoOct 22, 2015
Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler es un cierre prácticamente perfecto para esta serie. Telltale ha cogido un universo "extraño" y lo ha hecho suyo. Tales form the Borderlands derrocha el talento de este estudio, a la vez que nos lleva hasta la saga de Gearbox con más acierto del que podríamos esperar en un primer momento.
SaúlGonzálezOct 23, 2015
Tales from Borderlands es una nueva incursión de Minecraft en una licencia popular que, de nuevo, dejará satisfechos, sobre todo, a los aficionados de Borderlands. Respeta en todo momento el juego tanto a nivel visual como en lo que a la trama se refiere, haciendo guiños continuos al humor, el doble sentido, el tono ácido o las situaciones exageradas que acompañan.
Michael KrostaOct 22, 2015
Tales from the Borderlands zählt für mich zu den Höhepunkten der episodischen Spiele – auch wenn ich Telltale die mitunter viel zu lange Wartezeit zwischen den Folgen negativ ankreide! Die Mischung aus überzogener Comic-Gewalt, überragendem Wortwitz und klasse geschriebenen Charakteren geht allerdings voll auf, auch wenn die Handlung zu gehetzt wirkt sowie spielerische Aspekte und Anspruch weiter zu kurz kommen.
Francesco UrsinoOct 22, 2015
Non ci sono molte altre parole per spiegare che Tales from The Borderlands è stato un successo, e probabilmente il miglior prodotto sfornato da Telltale fino ad ora. Questo ultimo episodio, poi, conclude in maniera scoppiettante la vicenda, toccando le corde giuste e indovinando molte trovate. Anche le scelte effettuate nei capitoli precedenti, difatti, trovano finalmente un qualche senso, e riescono a integrarsi nella storia.
Rick DijsOct 23, 2015
Telltale Games levert met Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5 een slotstuk af waar je voor buigt en u tegen zegt. De prangende vragen worden beantwoord, er volgt een episch eindbaasgevecht en de laatste scène laat veel over aan de verbeelding. Het is te hopen dat Fiona en Rhys aanwezig zullen zijn in Borderlands 3, want dat is na dit avontuur eigenlijk wel verplicht. Chapeau Telltale Games, chapeau.