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Alex StintonMay 08, 2018
With Gone Home representing a key moment in gaming, Tacoma had plenty of potential to suffer from so called "second album syndrome". While it never manages to hit the same emotional highs – or lows – as its predecessor, it still stands out from the crowd, mainly through the implementation of some nicely interactive AR scenes to deliver its key story moments.
Cody GravelleMay 08, 2018
All I can say is that is has aged well, attacks concepts like human will and capitalism on angles that seem fresh in 2018, and remains a must play for those willing to set aside a few hours of their time to experience some very fine, challenging work within the video game medium.
Timothy NunesMay 08, 2018
Tacoma has a heart all its own, exploring a myriad of themes and advocating for the human condition, but the branches that sprout from the tree rarely bear fruit. Still, the growth is wonderful, even without that sweet taste you so long for.
Albert ManjónMay 08, 2018
Tacoma es un bote salvavidas para los amantes de las experiencias narrativas en un océano de propuestas diametralmente opuestas, por ello es de resaltar el trabajo del estudio estadounidense en replantear su propuesta jugable tras Gone Home y en ejecutarlo de un forma correcta.
Gianluca ArenaMay 13, 2018
Come nella sua incarnazione per sistemi Microsoft, Tacoma su Playstation 4 è un inno alle storie ben scritte, alla piena maturità che il medium videoludico ha raggiunto anche in ambito narrativo, al lavoro di un gruppo di ragazzi che sta prendendo sempre più confidenza con i propri mezzi.