Syberia 3 for PlayStation 4

Syberia 3

Apr 25, 2017
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Developer: Microids
Content Rating: Teen


Enter the enchanting world of Benoit Sokal's latest masterpiece. Kate Walker is found dying on the banks of a river by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people accompanying their migrating snow ostriches. Together, stuck and imprisoned in the town of Valsembor, they must find a way to continue their journey in a race against their enemies and unexpected obstacles. Not to mention Kate's past, which catches up with her... A world filled out with exceptional story-telling, imagined and drawn by Benoit Sokal, with music by Inon Zur. Discover an enchanting world full of mystery and life, that you can completely explore in 3D. Immerse yourself in the story, original puzzles, and mysteries of the fabulous adventure of an unforgettable heroine.

Critic Reviews

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Aaron PotterMay 01, 2017
Not only for the player or the characters themselves – if ever they were capable of realising the technical mess they were a part of – but for developer Microids. So long have they been working on this game with an ambitious attitude hoping to satisfy long-time Syberia fans after an excruciating 13 year wait. There is a great adventure game here just begging to be broken out, however for now as Syberia 3 stands, Kate Walker’s story is one best left washed ashore.
Joey ThurmondApr 28, 2017
This game feels like it should've come out over a decade ago, and even then, it still wouldn't have been ready for release. Some sprawling mechanical puzzles, an intriguing world, and a solid soundtrack can't save Syberia 3 from its disappointing delivery. Poor writing and even worse voice acting make its humdrum story a chore to chew through.
Vijay SinhaApr 26, 2017
A long time coming and rather long in the tooth mechanically, Syberia III can’t overcome its lack of polish, technical issues and shoddy script to really live up to its predecessors.

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