SuperMash for PlayStation 4


May 8, 2020
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Developer: Digital Continue
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Jume’s game shop is in trouble, and she needs her brother Tomo’s help to save it! Mash together iconic genres to create never-before-seen gaming experiences. Jump through classic Platformer levels with a tactical Stealth character, fight as spaceships in engaging JRPG battles, and more! Anything is possible with SuperMash’s emergent game system, which creates a unique game every time you play. You can even customize your Mashes with the help of Dev Cards! Think the Mash you made is impossible? Share its MASH Code with a friend or streamer and see if they can beat it! The Possibilities Are Endless! – Pick two genres (or the same genre) and watch the game create a completely unique game each time! Glitches and dozens of goals and obstacles change up the gameplay to make every jump and shot meaningful. Plus, with three difficulty modes, you can choose how much of a challenge to expect.

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Leo FariaMay 08, 2020
All in all, SuperMash succeeds because, even though it might have some flaws in its technical department, it’s still a fantastic idea that leaves a lot of room for experimentation and replayability. I have already played more than fifty mishmashes and I feel I have only scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. It’s an incredible concept that has managed to pay off, but there’s still a lot that can be improved.
George FosterMay 12, 2020
SuperMash is an unfortunate example of a concept working better on paper than in execution. Whilst the mashing system is fun to mess around with and watch the first few times, that magic quickly wears off and all you’re left with is the poorest imitations of great game genres.
Stephen TailbyMay 08, 2020
Not only are the mashes repetitive, they're also very short, shallow, and often just plain bad. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes too easy, sometimes impossible -- the randomised nature of mashing hurts more than it helps. Sadly, the novel concept isn't backed up by the execution required to make it work. While some of the mashes show some fun combinations of genre tropes, the majority of what you'll play in SuperMash is a bit of a mess.

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