Super Stardust Ultra VR for PlayStation 4

Super Stardust Ultra VR

Oct 10, 2016
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Pilot your star fighter and defend your planet once more, but this time jump into the cockpit and battle the alien invaders face-to-face. Get right down to the surface of the planet and the very center of the action and fight using intuitive controls only possible with PlayStation VR: simply look to aim… then fire to destroy.

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Jeremy PeeplesOct 17, 2016
Super Stardust Ultra VR does everything that had made the series work before and expands on it with a new cockpit view. This really brings the action close to you and sucks you in like never before. Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out the series should do so now, because you get a lot of content in just one package.
Blake GrundmanOct 25, 2016
It is hard to shake the feeling that Stardust VR could have been an update to the current PlayStation 4 iteration of the game. The new VR mode and enhanced presentation could have very well been either free or paid DLC for the existing game, instead of a standalone release that repackages all of the content from the PS4 iteration.
PJ O’ReillyDec 14, 2016
There really isn’t much more to say about Super Stardust Ultra VR; it’s exactly the same game you’ve been playing for a decade with a totally inconsequential and unnecessary VR mode stuck in there to amuse you for an hour or so. If you have PSVR (or even if you don’t) and you’ve never played Super Stardust I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and run into the streets to find a copy right now. If, on the other hand, you’ve seen it all before, I’d struggle to give you any reason why you should go spend your money on this version.

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