Super Bomberman R

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Haley PerryJun 24, 2018
The issues with Super Bomberman R lay not with its mechanics, but with its lack of adventurousness. It follows too closely the formula of past Bomberman games and stunts the potential for strategic “combat” abilities. Sure, the idea is to drop bombs the entire way … but is that really all there is? Are there really no other moves we can perform or tactics we can map to the controls?
Brandon MarlowJun 27, 2018
Despite a couple of flaws, Super Bomberman R is a strong entry into a long-running franchise. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but offers enough variation to the gameplay to keep veterans of the series on their toes, while also helping newcomers ease into the format. It’s a shame that online battles seem to be such a mess at the moment, because with that up and running to its full potential this would easily be the definitive Bomberman game.
A.J. MaciejewskiJun 14, 2018
If you don't own a Switch and enjoy Bomberman then Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition is certainly worth picking up. Even though it doesn't improve everything from the original release, there's so much content here that you're bound to have a blast.
Jan WöbbekingJun 26, 2018
In Bereich der Item-Vielfalt und der Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten hinkt man alten Serien-Highlights zwar nach wie vor deutlich hinterher – wer Lust auf eine aktuelle Bomberman-Ausgabe mit Online-Unterstützung hat, wird mittlerweile aber trotzdem ordentlich bedient.
Luuc ten VeldeJul 09, 2018
Super Bomberman R weet op de PlayStation 4 spelers een leuke ervaring te bieden met een multiplayer die je uren plezier bezorgt. Met een scala aan personages is er genoeg variatie om ieder wat wils te geven al is het een flinke klus om iedereen vrij te spelen dankzij de slechte in-game economie. Gelukkig is de gameplay als vanouds sterk door de snelheid in het spel.