Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4

Street Fighter V

Feb 16, 2016

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Developer: Capcom
Content Rating: Teen


Ryu, Chun-Li and other fan favorites battle it out in the latest chapter of the legendary fighting franchise, console exclusive on PS4! Cross-platform play with PC will unite Street Fighter fans into a centralized player base for the first time ever.

Critic Reviews

49 Reviews
Jim SterlingFeb 18, 2016
When playing, Street Fighter V serves much the same role as SFIV did when it released. It shakes up the mechanics to improve pacing, but primarily to throw established players off their feet and give new players a comfortable entry point to the franchise. When it comes to fighting against someone, it’s one of the most polished Street Fighters to date. When it comes to everything outside of that fight, it’s a huge steaming turd that I look at with a scrunched up, grossed out face.
Chris CarterFeb 15, 2016
With Street Fighter IV however, I felt my passion falter. It was a great, well-made game, but there was something about it that just didn't light my fire, like most past iterations managed to do almost instantly. With Street Fighter V, I feel that fire again -- I just wish it had all of its planned features at launch.
Mitchell SaltzmanFeb 16, 2016
While it is incomplete by design, with the missing content being dolled out for free over the course of the year, Street Fighter 5 is the most accessible the franchise has ever been and remains mechanically brilliant. Those without a desire to sharpen their skills against friends or against players online may want to wait for the cinematic story mode to drop in June, but for everyone else, Street Fighter 5 lives up to the hype.

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