Strange Brigade for PlayStation 4

Strange Brigade

Aug 28, 2018
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Developer: Rebellion
Content Rating: Teen


Embark on an exotic journey into danger in this rip-roaring 1930s third person adventure for 1-4 players! Encounter pulse-pounding action, treacherous traps and tales of derring-do!

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Funky Hans

Funky Hans

Feb 24, 2020

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Jackson BostianAug 27, 2018
Strange Brigade brought me the most laughs of any game I’ve played in a long time and really packs the fun to boot. The narrator’s wit brings so much personality to a premise that we’ve seen before that it feels like an entirely new experience. The style and aesthetic of the game reflects the layer of polish that can be felt in the level design and combat (barring the bizarre snap-to melee) and adds to the player’s lighthearted destruction of the undead masses.
Kyle LeClairAug 28, 2018
Strange Brigade is one of those difficult games to review, the one where for every positive thing you have to say about it, there’s a downside related to or accompanying it in some way or another. But in the end, what we have here is still some classic shooter action best enjoyed with friends, with enough eye-catching style and various challenges to potentially keep players coming back for more.
Alex AvardAug 27, 2018
But a good concept only gets you so far, and Strange Brigade’s limited ambition and sub-par shooting dilute the experience throughout. It’s a perfectly decent time killer for the entertainment you’ll be able to squeeze out of it, but Strange Brigade’s impeccably English carnival of tea jokes and horror tropes aren’t enough to offset its wider shortcomings as an interactive pastime.

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